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Sommer Ray Breaks Up Massive DOG FIGHT While Attempting Sexy IG Video!

By Mike Walters

Sommer Ray was just forced to break up a nasty dog fight between her three fur babies -- and luckily for us, she was trying to film a sexy video, and it was all caught on tape!

In the hilarious video, the fitness model was attempting to film some sort of promotional video for social media while chilling with her three pets. But, right after she began, the dogs start going NUTS and brawling right on top of her!

It's unclear what started the dog fight, but the video is classic!

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Sommer Ray Breaks Up Dog Brawl While Filming Instagram Video!


"My kids drive me crazy," Sommer Ray captioned the hilarious video!

In the clip, Sommer starts by filming the opening to her video saying, "Hi, this is Sommer Ray..." and before she can anything else out -- the dog starts biting and launching at each other! It's crazy! Being the dog mommy that she is, the IG star gets in the middle of the feud and breaks it up quickly!

For the record, Sommer has three pooches, Rarri, Mazi & Bugi Ray -- Ferrari aka Rarri (the short hair one) 🦁 Maserati aka Mazi (the fluffy one) 🐻 Bugatti aka Bugi (the curly one).

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See The Massive Dog Fight!


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Sommer's millions of followers are having a field day with this one and are flooding her comments with things like, "They about to SHOW SOME HANDS," and "I think they wanted all the attention 😂."

"This had me dying, they wanted camera time," one fan wrote. Another added, "Ahahahhahahahahahah lol they’re so funny."

In the end, Sommer holds two of the puppies in her hands, and they end up a few inches from each other. Of course, one follower does think this is a great idea, saying, "They are fighting and u pet them face to face...really?"

See The Brutal Footage!

She Got It From Her Mama!


The dogfighting video came on the heels of Sommer melting down Instagram after posting hot bikini photos of her MOM!

Earlier this week, the influencer posted pics of her super-hot mom and herself busting a twinning bikini posedown and even including a little kissing action!

The 24-year-old shouted out her 56-year-old mother Shannon, who is also a fitness model, and the two look amazing! Scroll To See The Photos!

"I always talk about her age, because I think she’s a huge inspiration to girls/women/boys/men everywhere. she’s always taught me age is just a number, you can be healthy, young, fit & vibrate at any age," she wrote.

See The Mind-Blowing Photos!

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