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Sommer Ray close up

Sommer Ray Opens Wide Peeling Off In Skimpy Towel

By Rebecca Cukier

Sommer Ray is opening wide to peel it all off and she's doing it in only a skimpy towel. The 24-year-old fitness sensation, dubbed "Not Your Average Instagram Model" by Forbes in 2018, was back to proving the moniker rings true in 2021 yesterday, posting stories for her 25.8 million IG followers and during a little peel-off session. Sommer, fresh from shouting out her hot mom Shannon in a twinning bikinis deal, was here indulging in a little facial, with a very peely twist. Check it out below.

Reuniting With 'One True Love'

Sommer Ray outdoors in polka dot undies

Scroll for the action. Sommer, who tends to keep the influencing limited as she laughs all the way to the bank with popular Sommer Ray's Shop clothing line, had slipped back into her influencer shoes at a skincare clinic, filmed plonked on her back in only a towel wrapped around her and getting the whistles and bells treatment.

The video showed Sommer's makeup-free face all pink and blotchy to begin with, with the Colorado native getting greased up with a mask – that wasn't going to stay on long.

Keep Scrolling For It!

Sommer Ray in bikini outdoors

Sommer, wearing a purple headband to keep her hair out her face, was sped up as the pink face mask was applied by a clinician, writing: "SOOOOO EXCITED TO BE REUNITED WITH MY ONE TRUE LOVE @SUGARFACESKINCARE."

Footage then swung to the crux moment, one seeing Sommer all smiles and opening her big fat mouth all wide as blue-gloved hands peeled off the very satisfying-looking mask, which had, by now, taken on a latex finish. See the mask peel-off and more photos below!

See Her Bikini Shower Below!


Sommer, who cracked a giant smile as her face was freed from the mask, called it "THE BEST EVERRRR," adding a purple heart emoji. The ex to rapper Machine Gun Kelly then underwent a facial suction treatment, one she joked was like a "booger," although Sommer did write: "THE SOUND IS SO SATISFYING TO MEEE."

The videos come as Ray makes headlines for literally showing what her momma gave her, posting kissy bikini action with 56-year-old mom Shannon. See them together below!

Check Out The Hot Mom Below

Sommer Ray in bikini shower

Calling her mother my "favorite human" in a skimpy joint bikini post, Sommer shouted out her mom, writing:

"She’s almost 57 but embraces & loves every year. (haters will say it’s surgery and all kinds of stuff but that’s simply not true) her mindset is so inspiring. honestly could be part of the reason she looks so good for her age, (genetics don’t hurt either lol) but the mind is very powerful! what you think becomes your reality."

If you missed Sommer celebrating her small chest size with a bikini trick, check it out after the mom and daughter shots.

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