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Chris Brown: Aliens Will Help Us 'Break Free' From Our 'Mental Cage'

By Mike Walters

Chris Brown is sharing a bizarre theory on aliens and extraterrestrial lifeforms, including the hopes that our government isn't speaking to them on our behalf!

The 'Go Crazy' singer took to Instagram to share his opinion on the situation -- seemingly out of nowhere -- and posted his belief that speaking to them may get us on the 'right path/frequency' with the planet.

In the post, Chris doesn't elaborate on why he was thinking about the existence of aliens, but it isn't the first time he has revealed his fascination with the extraterrestrial.

See Chris' Bizarre Statement...

See Chris Brown's Bizarre Message On Aliens!


"If aliens exist, I sure hope our governments aren't speaking on our behalf. Cosmic disclosure will help us to get on the right path/frequency with the planet and break us free from this mental cage," Brown posted on IG.

He continued, "But what do I know??? I'm just good at dancing."

On one hand, he has a point about the government speaking on our behalf, but it's unclear what he is trying to say about a 'mental cage.' But, this isn't the first time he has admitted to being interested in aliens.

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Singer Reveals He Studies 'Ancient Aliens' During 2012 Interview...


Back in 2012, Chris Brown explained his interest in "ancient aliens" during an interview promoting his album 'Fortune.' At the time, he said it served as inspiration for the cover art of the album.

“I wanted to do something different because I’m into ancient aliens. I like learning… I like being stuff that’s other than what everybody expects," he said.

Plus, in 2017, Brown dropped another message about life outside the planet earth, tweeting, "Who is the bigger threat? ALIENS?? Or Us???” Again, the point may have just been about the current state of our country -- but, it seems to be a reoccurring theme with the musician.

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Is Chris Brown Still With His Baby Mama?!


The alien discussion came on the heels of Chris taking part in a recent interview (something he doesn't do that often) and discussing his current relationship status.

The singer appeared on Revolt TV’s new show “Respectfully Justin” for its premiere episode: “Toxic Valentine’s Day.” Brown played a game of "Heads Up" where those playing can take a shot of alcohol to avoid answering a question. He was asked about his relationship status, and answered, "I’m single with a girlfriend."

After being questioned about what that entails...the singer took a shot of alcohol instead of explaining his complicated romantic life.

As you know, Brown has been on-and-off with his baby mama, Ammika Harris.

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