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Chanel West Coast

Chanel West Coast Calls L.A. 'Overrated,' Professes Her Love For White Claws & Miami

By Jeff Mazzeo

Chanel West Coast is reconsidering if the West Coast is the best coast!

The "EAZY" rapper returned from her Miami vacation, and being back home isn't all it is cracked up to be. Chanel shared a vacay pic on March 9 that featured the "Ridiculousness" star in an orange mini dress while sipping on her favorite adult beverage. She hinted that she was ready to ditch Los Angeles and head back to South Beach. We can't blame her... since being home, she had a root canal and her power went out!

Claw Girl

Chanel West Coast drinking a white claw.

The rapper accessorized with a cute white purse and added a few inches to her 5'3" frame with a pair of sparkly platform heels. She included her hard seltzer of choice in her high fashion photo... that's so Chanel! "I’m a white claws & balenciaga kinda gal 😂🤷🏼‍♀️," she captioned her snap. "#MiamiForLife Who else loves white claw as much as I do? Lol."

The "No Plans" singer has professed her love for the bubbly beverage before. She sipped some claws while on a lake trip in August. "White claws for life😜🤘🏼," she wrote alongside her bikini snap (seen below). Little did she know that would be her last trip for a while.

Powers Out

Chanel West Coast while her power was out.

As we previously mentioned, she wasn't thrilled to be back in Los Angeles. The MTV star revealed that she was recovering from a root canal when her power went out. "First night back from Miami," Chanel told her IG fans while filming in the dark. "This lighting is a flashlight because the neighborhood's electricity is out."

The artist then expressed her frustration with Los Angeles and California in general. "California is the most overrated place to live," she said with a hint of frustration in her voice. "Highest taxes, electricity goes out all the time... I feel like I'm living in the movie "Tank Girl."

Miami Memories

Chanel West Coast in Miami.

Chanel's wild vacation included several beach trips, a few yacht parties, and lots of White Claws... all of which caused her to lose her voice. She prepared her followers for the onslaught of Miami throwbacks that she plans to share in the coming days. "Miami photo dump. Still more coming," she wrote. However, she realized that it is time to get back on her grind. "Been on vacay one week...back to work bi--hes! This s--t #EAZY 😜🤘🏼 ," she captioned a teaser from her new music video.

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