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Singer Darrell Kelley Shares New Song With Jay Leno In Hollywood Hotspot Parking Lot!!

By Mike Walters

In a story that has to be chalked up to the 'Only In Hollywood' section of the internet -- singer, Darrell Kelley got a critique of his newest single from famous talk show host Jay Leno -- in the parking lot of a popular restaurant!

We're told the former 'Tonight Show' host was exiting 'Xian' in Beverly Hills at the same time as one of the biggest recording artists in Atlanta --- when the two men stuck up a conversation about Kelley's new track, 'Vaccine.'

During the discussion, Kelley whipped out his phone and let the famous comedian hear the song! It is classic!

You Gotta See This...

Only In Hollywood...


The impromptu meeting was captured by the paparazzi who were snapping both of the stars as they exited the restaurant. As you can see, the duo shared a few laughs and discussed Kelley's trip to L.A. for the Golden Globes -- and eventually laid the music on him!

We're told Jay loved the song, saying, “Very cool and very nice… It’s very good my friend!”

During the chat, Darrell told Jay how much he admired his work and even offered to sponsor his shows! -- to which Jay smiled and two agreed to catch up later. As we said, only in Hollywood!

See Video Of The Impromptu Meeting!

Jay Leno To Darrell Kelley On New Single -- 'It's Very Good My Friend'


As we reported, Darrell was spotted in Los Angeles during Golden Globes weekend hobnobbing with top executives at the show's biggest after-party.

Kelley has made a huge name for himself after taking on issues of social justice in his music -- including his most recent single “Kamala” which was just released last month celebrating the first African American Vice President.

In addition to “Vaccine” of course, which Jay Leno got to preview, Darrell has released another song about similar themes called “Corona Virus."

At this point, Darrell's songs have hit 5 million streams on Soundcloud and Spotify worldwide -- but, we are guessing if he hooks up with Leno...the sky is the limit!

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