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Selma Blair with her hair wrapped up

Selma Blair Celebrates 'National Day of Unplugging'

Selma Blair / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Selma Blair is joining a movement urging people to put down their phones and step away from the distractions of technology for 24 hours. The "Cruel Intentions" star took to Instagram on Friday, just before she signed off for the day of March 6, which is being dubbed the National Day of Unplugging.

Letting her fans and followers know about the technology-free day, Selma Blair shared a stunning photo of herself at the beach while letting everyone know they should be using the 24 hours to unwind and reconnect with each other.

Taking a Break

Selma Blair at the beach
Selma Blair / Instagram

"The 12th annual National Day of Unplugging begins today at sundown and ends at sundown on March 6th. During this 24 hour period, thousands of people around the world will be doing fun and meaningful things away from technology," Selma Blair captioned her post to fans on Friday before sundown.

"There is no right or wrong way to celebrate, whether you go tech free for one hour or the full 24 hours, you are part of it. One nice way to unplug is to Crochet For A Cause and make a “welcome home” sign for someone moving out of homelessness and into housing," Blair explained while showing up her own crocheted letter.

Unplugging for a Good Cause

Selma Blair taking a selfie
Selma Blair / Instagram

48-year-old Blair explained that she will be participating in the crocheting of a larger "welcome home" sign that will be displayed at the Covenant House, a large privately-funded shelter for homeless youth.

Covenant House is doing amazing work, and according to their website:

"Our comprehensive program model builds a life-affirming bridge for young people by engaging youth on the street providing no-barrier, safe, short-term housing to meet their immediate needs, and longer-term transitional housing to assist those who are ready for more independent living."

Who Started National Day of Unplugging?


The National Day of Unplugging has been around for over 10 years, and was started by Unplug Collaborative, which is described as a "dedicated group of digital wellness advocates behind the awareness campaign."

According to the origin story on their website, the project was:

"designed to slow down lives in an increasingly hectic world. What was once a small group of people gathering for tech-free Shabbat dinners turned into thousands of world-wide community partners organizing live unplugged events, year after year."

Were you able to unplug?

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