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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Sits 'Criss Cross Apple Sauce' For Sweet Moment With Daughter

By Jeff Mazzeo

The 6'5", 260-pound giant put his knees to the test so he could entertain his 2-year-old daughter!

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and his redefined dad-bod got down to business with his daughter Tiana on Thursday night, March 4. The 48-year-old actor entertained the adorable little girl by listening to her list all the Hawaiian shaved ice flavors she had in her book. Daddy Rock noted that his kids would do anything to stay up past their bedtime, but he doesn't mind doing extra daddy duty.

'Criss Cross Apple Sauce'

Dwayne Johnson and his daughter, Tiana.

Johnson questioned his daughter about the unique flavors, and she responded in the affirmative when he asked about peanut butter flavor, pancake flavor, and even schnozberry flavor! "Ahh Willy Wonka would be proud," he wrote.

Despite the sweet moment, it can't be easy for someone so big to stay in that position. "I think daddy’s legs are falling asleep," he captioned the pic and noted that Tiana "ignores comment 😂🦵🏾😴."

"When it’s time to go to bed these babies do everything they can to stay up longer - so this means daddy you have to sit criss cross apple sauce and not move while I serve you Hawaiian Shave Ice. For 20min. 🤣🍦" he joked. "These lil quiet moments, with my babies - man I need these 🙏🏾❤️⚓️."

Being A Dad Is Messy

The Rock holding his daughter while she pees.

It doesn't matter how many muscles you have or how much money because neither will save you from the messy parts of being a parent. Johnson had to laugh at his situation when he found himself holding Tiana up while she peed by the side of the road in January. "When they gotta go they gotta go 🧚🏽‍♀️🚨," he wrote on social media at the time. "Baby Tia said she had to pee pee, so we said no problem honey you have a diaper on. Pee and I’ll change it after." Long story short, the 2-year-old asked if she could pee on the grass. "We’re on private property, so daddy takes her to pee pee on the grass," Johnson continued. "But then she decides to renegotiate (again, I don’t blame her;) and demands daddy pick her up because doesn’t want to 'stand on the Lava Monster' so I have to hold her while she pees... all over my new white sneakers 😂💦."

Every Man Needs A Daughter

The Rock and his daughter.

Dwayne has been making the most of his downtime, and by downtime, we mean midnight gym sessions to prepare for "Black Adam." In between his intense workouts, the actor has been making the most of his father/daughter time. All the sweet moments convinced him that while "every man wants a son, but every man needs a daughter." He noted that having all the estrogen around him helps even him out. "All my girls have become the great equalizers in my life - I’m surrounded by estrogen and wouldn’t have it any other way 😊."

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