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Sommer Ray close up

Sommer Ray Challenges Spider Braless In Stilettos

By Rebecca Cukier

Sommer Ray is tackling a spider situation in high heels while all dolled up. The 24-year-old fitness face, dubbed "Not Your Average Instagram Model" by Forbes in 2018, is ensuring she continues to keep up the moniker, with Tuesday bringing the blonde teetering after a spider and winning as it tried to scurry away from her. Posted for her 25.7 million Instagram followers, Sommer's video was fun and games, but one aspect was showing that the star's career is anything but. Check it out below.

No Fear

Sommer Ray on floor in bikini

Scroll for the video. Sommer, who lives in L.A. but was raised on a Colorado ranch, was throwing out her signature personality, also her killer body. Crouched down and filmed inside a hallway, Sommer was seen all in khaki pants and a plunging matching crop top worn braless, with a chic, animal-print neck scarf and high heels making a change from the spandex.

Sommer, not solo, and with a little cheeky spider trying to escape her, waddled around after the bug while holding her phone and a water bottle, eventually conquering the situation.

Keep Scrolling For The Photo!

Sommer Ray on floor in bikini

Sommer, saying: "Come here, buddy" as she finally managed to get the spider cupped in her hand, then did the right thing, not keeping the spider prisoner and delicately carrying him to a balcony where he was let go and back into the wild. Ray, who has made 2021 headlines for her fake Louis Vuitton bag grab, was once again reminding her followers that her career, and Sommer Ray's Shop, is earning her $$$ – the model carried a monogrammed shoulder purse from the luxury French designer.

See The Spider Below!

Sommer Ray indoors in pigtails

The video, racking up over a quarter of a million views in an hour, might see fans saying: "Please sit on me," but the model is having the last laugh as each rising follower equals a wider audience – Sommer Ray's Shop, retailing clothing and swimwear, is largely promoted via Sommer's Instagram.

In fact, Sommer has been making headlines for finding unique ways to shift her merch, now available in unisex with its sweats. See the fake LV bag grab after the video!

Fake Bag Grab

Sommer Ray in jeans with Louis Vuitton bag

Posing in boyfriend jeans and showing off her braless Louis vibes on February 15, Sommer delivered hot hots while outdoors and telling her fans:

"Just a random series of pics of me fake trying to find something in my bag to look cute lol but guyyssss the presidents’ day sale on @shopsommerray ends tonight sooooo get in there to get the uuuuuhhamazing deals before they’re gone."

If you missed Sommer celebrating her, um, larger chest size during "that time of the month," just scroll.

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