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McKayla Maroney wearing red on Valentine's Day

Gymnast McKayla Maroney Returns With 'Wild Card' Surprise

By Whitney Vasquez

Gymnast McKayla Maroney kept quiet all weekend after her hospitalization, until now. The 25-year-old Olympian made her Instagram return on Monday evening with some scary news. Taking to her social media, the brunette bombshell told her Instagram followers that she might need to go under the knife after being rushed to the emergency room at 3 AM last week.

Despite being returning home ahead of the weekend, McKayla Maroney took several days off of her usually active Instagram profiles and admitted that it's actually "nice" to slow down.

Going Silent On Social Media

McKayla Maroney wearing an unbuttoned tee

We're used to McKayla Maroney dropping smoking hot thirst traps but this time, instead of posting a shot of herself, she shared a clip of a relaxing waterfall. Reflecting on her recent health scare, the star revealed she might need surgery after discovering she has kidney stones.

McKayla Maroney also stated that her recovery has given her the chance to slow down following a whirlwind of career advancements including signing on to United Talent Agency, a massive talent agency that represents Hollywood's elite. Scroll to see McKayla's wild card surprise!

Her Scary Health Update

McKayla Maroney slipping into black dress

"February ended with quite a bang for me! I was rushed to the ER in excruciating pain, and there I found out I have a few large kidney stones!!" McKayla Maroney captioned the waterfall shot on March 1. Revealing she might have to go under the knife to remove them, the gymnast added, "I’m still waiting to meet with a specialist because I might need some surgery — I’m not sure yet."

Thankfully, she stopped throwing up and announced she was "experiencing no pain today!" Keep scrolling for more!

Why She's Grateful

McKayla Maroney in her bikini

Looking back at her hectic life, the former "Final Five" team member continued, "Before this happened a lot of things in my life were moving quite fast for me... At first it felt weird to slow down, now it’s starting to feel nice." Adding that she loves when "life pulls a wild card," the Olympian said it's forcing her to "adjust" and the little stresses into "perspective."

McKayla Maroney revealed she was admitted into a Southern California ER by sharing a selfie in her hospital gown. See the photo here.

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