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Britney Spears smiles at an event

Britney Spears Spills The Tea With Floating Umbrellas

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By Rebecca Cukier

Britney Spears is all pink floating umbrellas and officially dedicating herself to tea. The 39-year-old pop princess made her Monday Instagram update as colorful as it was whimsical, with the "Toxic" singer posting a European-inspired shot of a little Citroën car as she made a fresh revelation. Britney, massively in the news as The New York Times-released "Framing Britney Spears" documentary airs her dirty laundry, has been steadily ignoring the media frenzy, but she isn't staying quiet. Check out the umbrella action below.

What A Year

Britney Spears in shorts and crop top

Scroll for the photo. It comes as Spears, who did not authorize the documentary, remains tight-lipped on her views, although both boyfriend Sam Asghari and sister Jamie Lynn have spoken out to back the singer. Today speaking for herself, Britney posted a bright old-fashioned street photo, one showing salmon stone buildings sandwiching a quaint road, with a small orange vehicle taking up the foreground.

A sea of pink floating umbrellas formed a canopy over the vehicle, with cute lanterns upping the fairytale feel.

Dedicating Herself To 'Tea'


Opening: "On all accounts of the craziness the past year ... I feel like God’s tears have hit all of us with what the world has been through due to coronavirus !!!" Britney stated that this year should be one of "cleansing our inner selves with meditation."

The Grammy winner, adding that "any kind of hobby brings joy," stated that awareness of what we "put in our bodies" is of vital importance. And for Britney, it looks like it's good old-fashioned tea.

Keep Scrolling For The Photo!

Britney Spears smiles in glitter dress

Britney, who has made headlines for losing weight after failing the ice-cream diet this month, even with the Doritos consumption, continued: "This year I devote myself to lots of tea ☕️ and healing !!!! I’m working on allowing myself to not be so strong all the time and to know it’s ok to cry !!!!"

Closing with her trusty rose emoji, the mom of two concluded: "I pray for deep healing this year for all of us and I hope we can all inspire each other !!!! Again … BE KIND - PASS IT ON AMERICA 🌹🌹🌹!!!!"

See her weight loss after the photo!

Losing Weight On Ice-Cream Diet


Britney, whose super-fit body is still blasted all over Instagram with those teeny-tiny shorts dances, is fresh from revealing that she's lost weight. The singer, joking about the ice-cream diet trend, admitted she couldn't stick to one flavor as she revealed switching between vanilla, chocolate, and ice-cream, then updating with a body-ody-ody home dance flaunting her ripped body as she shimmied in micro shorts.

Spears did, however, see fans assuming she was sending a coded message today. Not the first time. Scroll for her secret message Scrabble scramble.

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