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Aubrey O'Day on red carpet with blue background

Did Aubrey O'Day Go Too Far With Her Plumped-Up Lips?

By Gary Trock

Aubrey O'Day is once again under fire for cosmetic changes to her body with fans telling the former Danity Kane star she may have gone too far with the lip injections. The 37-year-old reality star took to Instagram this week to share a new video with her over 950,000 fans. Getting glammed up and staring into the camera, O'Day was probably looking for praise from her fans, however, the star received a helping of criticism by those who feel she may have done too much.

Lip Service

Aubrey O'Day selfie
Aubrey O'Day / Instagram

Aubrey O'Day's message almost seemed to be in preparation for the incoming hate from the Internet, with the reality star declaring:

"When is everyone going to learn.. i catch the most life when I’m in the underestimated box. see y’all on the flip side."

Although many of O'Day's followers admitted she was strikingly beautiful, they gave her some helpful advice about her smackers.

"Beautiful girl but those lips are too much," one fan wrote.

"You are beautiful but your [sic] doing toooooo much. Your old look was much better," another fan commented.

Those Photographs...

Giphy | T. Kyle

Aubrey O'Day is no stranger to fielding criticism over her physical attributes. Last year, the reality star made headlines after paparazzi footage appeared to show O'Day in a completely different light than what she was serving up on social media.

As we reported, the Daily Mail posted photos of what appeared to be the star on a walk with her two dogs back in August 2020. While the dogs drew attention for their rainbow-colored fur, it paled in comparison to the shots of an unrecognizable O'Day.

Providing Proof?

Aubrey O'Day on red carpet at Macy's event
Shutterstock | 842245

Aubrey O'Day, who has famously dated Donald Trump, Jr., claimed the photos were fake, but Daily Mail doubled down on the authenticity of the pictures.

Although the former "Celebrity Apprentice" star was barely recognizable in her photos, her tattoos were matched up to provide a pretty legit ID.

Although O'Day had been posting regularly to her social media channels, most of the photos and videos are usually modified through heavy filters and photo editing apps before being posted.

O'Day claimed the paparazzi pics were fake, but never really provided authentic proof about what she looked like at the time.

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