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Nastia Liukin close up

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Unzipped Amid Thigh Gap Outrage

By Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin is shutting down the shamers amid her massive thigh gap storm. The 31-year-old five-time Olympic medalist is currently front-page news after the 12th annual Nastia Cup was hosted by the gymnast herself on Friday. The Indianopolis, Indiana-held event, bringing a massive thigh gap countdown over on Liukin's Instagram, has finally happened, although fans likely haven't forgotten the mess the Russian-born star wound up in after her Taylor Swift quote got slammed by right-wing users. Nastia is seemingly unfussed. See how below.

Thigh Gap Storm

Nastia Liukin in bikini

Scroll for the unzipped action. Nastia, followed by 1 million on Instagram, sparked anger amid her fussy fans ahead of the weekend as one of her all-pink countdown looks came with a quote shouting out 31-year-old "folklore" singer Taylor Swift. Liukin, quoting the blonde Grammy winner, had mentioned watching Swift's documentary, stating:

"While re-watching her documentary it reminded me yet once again that we really all can still inspire others while fighting and speaking for what we believe in - without getting cancelled."

See The Unzipped Look!

Nastia Liukin in tights and jacket

Nastia, who is regularly a target for trolls, now sees a fan replying: "If Tay Tay was a conservative she’d be excoriated not celebrated. Let’s address double standards because conservative women are definitely never called inspiring."

The response, which garnered likes, adds to the list of hateful users seemingly not wishing the blonde well, with 2021 already seeing a troll ask to see her "gross skinny chicken legs." And they got clapped back at. All smiles during the Cup, though, Nastia had the last laugh.

See Her Space Jeans!


Nastia, all over TV as the Cup was aired, quickly posted to her stories during the event, taking a break from the stunning denim-and-pink look donned to host it. The 2008 all-around champion, in selfie mode, was all grinning with dog Harley while indoors. She appeared in a dark and sporty zip-up top, but the action was unzipped as the beauty blogger wrote:

"Omg, just found this unposted video from the other day - very applicable. Missing Harley and my @juneshinco." Scroll for her insane space jeans!

The Nastia Cup

Nastia Liukin in metallic pants

Nastia, who retired aged just 22 back in 2012, sees her legacy living on via the Nastia Cup. The Moscow native has also been reflecting on 12 years of her Cup, recently writing:

"As I look back to where I was exactly a year ago today I can’t believe how much things have changed. While so many things in life, especially this last year, have been unpredictable, I continue to believe I’m finally right where I should be, and everything I ever needed was always right in front of me."

If gymnast Simone Biles sounds familiar, scroll for her removing her chest piercing in a bikini!

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