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Bobby Shmurda Turns Down Alcoholic Drink At Club After Prison Release

By Ryan Naumann

Rapper Bobby Shmurda isn't taking any chances after being released from prison and isn't drinking alcohol.

A video is making the rounds on social media showing a waitress approach Bobby in the club while he sits in the VIP area. The rapper is offered an alcoholic drink but he makes the signal with his hands to tell her no.

Bobby signals to the water bottle in his hand to tell the waitress he was okay with what he was drinking and didn't need the drink from her.

Bobby's First Selfie Post-Prison


Fans have been praising Bobby for his decision not to drink days after becoming free. Earlier this week, Bobby was released from New York's Clinton Correctional Facility at around 8:30 am on Tuesday. The BOP decided to let Bobby out 10 months earlier than scheduled.

Bobby has been in custody since December 2014. He was originally initially sentenced to 6-7 years in prison after working out a plea deal with prosecutors. Back in September 2016, Bobby agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy to possess weapons and possession of a weapon.

Bobby With Family


Bobby received 2 years of time served before being sentenced. During his time behind bars, Bobby was hit with 11 violations by the prison. He allegedly had a shank, was accused of possessing drugs, and got into a fight. It turned okay for the rapper who still got out early.

The rapper will not have to deal with 5 years of probation. He will be officially done with the case on February 23, 2026.

Bobby posted his first selfie post-prison showing off his body ody ody. One said, "#BlaccaShine🍫🌞 Hem woke up like this😎💪🏿 Chocolate city ni--a go get a tan😜."

Bobby Shmurda Leaves On Private Jet


Bobby left prison and walked right onto a private jet brought by Migos' Quavo. The two head home with Bobby rocking all black with a flossy diamond chain. Rapper Rich The Kid captioned the post, "Shmigo money never stopped!! 💙🗽"

One pointed out, "Quavo as real as they come."

Another commented on Bobby's Instagram following growing from under one million to over three million after his release. They said, "People will always celebrate you when you’re winning, Took a screenshot of bobby Shurmda account June 2020 and now look at the different just because he’s now a free man."

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