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Britney Spears' #FreeBritney Fans Trash Singer's Father Jamie Over GMA Interview

By Ryan Naumann

Britney Spears' diehard fans are ripping her father Jamie Spears after his lawyer spoke out defending the 13-year-long conservatorship.

Jamie's attorney, Vivian Thoreen, spoke to Good Morning America amid Britney's fight to remove her father as co-conservator of her estate. She said Jamie believes his guidance has helped Britney save her life and career.

Vivian said, "I understand that every story wants to have a villain, but people have it so wrong here. This is a story about a fiercely loyal, loving, and dedicated father who rescued his daughter from a life-threatening situation. People were harming her and they were exploiting her."

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The #FreeBritney supporters have been tearing into Jamie and his lawyer over the Good Morning America interview. One spoke about Jamie's attorney before the package aired, "I hope she chooses her words wisely, because if she lies and Bessemer investigates & discovers corruption within this CONservatorship... it’s gonna look REAL BAD on her, as far as her career goes."

Another pointed out, "So she is being paid with Britney’s money to speak against Britney?! Ughh this system and the corrupt media. @GMAhow can u make a profit from someone’s else mistreatment?!?"

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"I'm in literal tears rn, why would they do this to her Pleading face this is so disrespectful to ever give them a voice when Britney doesn’t have her own..." said one diehard Britney supporter.

Many felt Britney was once again being exploited by her family. One person commented, "Here we go again, the media makes money thanks to britney again, but in this case they are helping her, so that’s not so bad."

Others didn't enjoy the lawyer writing, "She has the nerve..."

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Britney has made it crystal clear to the court. She wants her father gone ASAP. Her lawyer says the pop star refused to work until he is off the case. Her own mother Lynne Spears defended Britney's request. She agrees Jamie should not be handling the estate and called their relationship "toxic."

One fan reacted to the GMA interview writing, "Their arguments make no sense. They are just saying lies now and trying to make Jamie look like a good dad but he’s not! If Britney wants Jamie out, Jamie should respect her wishes but he doesn’t and that shows what kind of father he is #FreeBritney."

A battle over Britney continues in court.

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