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Chanel West Coast close up

Chanel West Coast Pantless For Cheeky Takeout Binge

By Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast is hanging around without pants while getting takeout. The 32-year-old rapper and "Ridiculousness" star, who has admitted she only works out so she can binge greasy eats, made her Thursday Instagram update a leggy one, but talk was all Postmates in the caption. Chanel, followed by 3.5 million, was joking about reaction faces as she talked fans through ordering from the online delivery giant, with it looking like the MTV face cheers up mighty quickly once the guy says he's here. Check it out below.

Feeding The Body-Ody-Ody

Chanel West Coast in corset outdoors

Scroll for the photos and expect some humor. Chanel, who doesn't take herself too seriously but continues to make major headlines for the success of 2020-released "America's Sweetheart" album, had posted indoors, on a set, and from a glam room. The former "Fantasy Factory" face, peeping her thigh gap and toned legs in a black-and-white hoodie dress, showed off dolled-up vibes, also glued to her phone and seemingly drawing the caption right from this. The "No Plans" rapper then drove fans to swipe right with her caption.

See Her 'Food's Arrived' Face!

Chanel West Coast in dress with phone

Chanel, looking a bit "umm" in the opening shot as she focused on her screen, then cheered right up in the next image, showing off her gorgeous smile and seemingly in a good mood after all. Meanwhile, a caption from the LOL Cartel founder told fans:

"Pic 1 when you’re deciding what to order on Postmates, pic 2 when you get a notification your order is arriving now 😂😂😂."

A drop of latest "Eazy" track was also made, ensuring fans listen to her new beats.

See Her Bikini Buns Below!

Chanel West Coast in dress with phone

Chanel has opened up on food and fitness. The star last year launching a YouTube fitness channel made her views clear to Hollywood Life back in 2019, telling the media outlet:

"You need to work out! I mean a lot of people like to start themselves on cute diets but the truth is you can really eat whatever you want as long as you workout on a daily basis."

Chanel, who lives for fast-food, then revealed the In-N-Out is where her heart's at. See the bikini below!

See Her Gym Twerk Below!

Chanel West Coast in bikini

Feed this girl fast-food and she's happy. Continuing, the rapper stated: "I try to eat healthy but since I work out I still enjoy a large pizza by myself! But In & Out burgers and all those things, you can have those as long as you workout."

And those workouts have been making headlines. 2021 has brought Chanel in stirrups from her pink-painted garage gym while twerking, with it even coming to rapper Megan Thee Stallion's "Body" track. Scroll for the hilarious video.

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