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Dr. Dre's Alleged Mistress Strips Down Amid Fight With Mogul's Wife

By Ryan Naumann

Dr. Dre's alleged mistress Jillian Speer took it all off for her 42nd birthday celebration amid her battle with the music mogul's wife Nicole Young in court.

Jillian, one of three women accused by Nicole of having affairs with Dre during their marriage, decided to get naked for a photoshoot in her living room. The songwriter showed off her fit body while posing in nothing but her underwear.

She wrote a long caption about enjoying her birthday despite everything that's going on in Dre's divorce.



On the post, Jillian wrote, "Today I am 42 times around the Sun. I am very proud to be the age I am and truly believe life begins at 40 and gets even better in the 50’s."

She continued in a long rant, "Being rooted deep in the Earth, in empathy, in compassion, in Music, in Love, in laughter, Creativity, humility, The spiritual realm, playfulness, simple~ness, Giving~ness, discovery, curiosity, nature, perpetual Learning, accountability, integrity, transparency, self-love & Knowing ThySelf at the core."

Dre's Alleged Mistresses


As The Blast first reported, Dre's wife Nicole is currently trying to depose his three alleged mistresses. She fired off subpoenas to Jillian, Kili Anderson, and Crystal Sierra aka Crystal Rodgers. Nicole wants the court to allow her to grill them under oath about their relationships with her estranged husband.

She believes the women might have received property and assets from Dre. Her issue is the property could have been purchased with their community money which she believes is half hers.

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Dre has been fighting Nicole over their prenuptial agreement. She says they signed one but he tore it up a couple of years into their marriage. Dre says this never happened and wants the terms of their deal enforced in the divorce.

The three mistresses have been refusing to sit for depositions. They accuse Nicole of using them in some attempt to help her build a case to invalidate the prenup. A judge recently decided to wait on ruling on the matter.

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