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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Encourages Self-Love With Pantless Selfies

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By Jeff Mazzeo

Miley Cyrus encouraged her millions of fans to take their pleasure into their own hands!

The "Golden G String" singer shared some fresh-faced selfies on Tuesday, February 24. The pics featured the star with no pants and no bra. She was clothed in only a ripped Motley Crue tank top as she strategically placed her hand between her legs. A few of the star's more intimate tattoos were visible as she stared at the camera with her big, beautiful eyes. She wants all her fans to be safe, and she recommended a naughty way to keep them that way!

Miley's naughty suggestion.
Miley's naughty suggestion. Instagram/mileycyrus

Miley posted her makeup-free selfies to her feed and her IG story, but she left her suggestive suggestions out of her feed post. "Play board games. Not mind games," she wrote on one photo before adding, "& Play with your parts. Self sex is safe sex." The singer made sure to include a bone emoji to really hammer the point home.

Her 68-million followers sounded off about how great she looked, and some even thanked the star for the suggestion. "You are not normal 😂😂😂," a complimentary fan wrote, while another said, "Who would not want to play with that amazing body 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️."

Meet Angel

Miley and her new Pitt Bull, Angel.
Miley and her new Pitt Bull, Angel. Instagram/mileycyrus

Cyrus's naughty selfies come just days after she introduced her new Pitt Bull named Angel to the world. The singer was left heartbroken (nothing breaks like a heart) when her late Pitt Bull mix, Mary Jane passed away after a long battle with cancer. She explained that Mary was an angel and her spirit lives on in her new pooch, which is why she named it Angel.

"Mary Jane defined loyalty and would never break a promise," Miley wrote earlier this week. "I feel her here with me blessing this new member to my family who’s[sic] name is 'Angel' because she was delivered to me by one... My Mary."

The "Plastic Hearts" artist continued to point out similarities between Mary and Angel yesterday. "Mary's Angel 💗💗💗Angel has the same vibe as Mary, she never left, her essence is with us. 💘💘" she captioned similar side-by-side photos that featured the two different dogs.

Miley shares pics of Angel and herself.
Miley shares pics of Angel and herself. Instagram/mileycyrus

It seems like Angel doesn't have a choice but to inherit Miley's and Mary's attitude. In fact, the singer shared a pic of the Pitt Bull in the backseat of her car and found common ground with her canine friend.

"2 PITTIES WHO LOVE T---IES," she wrote across the cute, snarling pic.

Angel literally went from sleeping on concrete to living with the best fur-parent ever! It's a doggone world, is it not?!

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