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Kendall Jenner close up

Kendall Jenner All Thigh Gap In Micro Floral Bikini

By Rebecca Cukier

Kendall Jenner is flaunting her massive thigh gap on her knees and in a minuscule bikini. The 25-year-old supermodel and E! star, no stranger to stripping down to minuscule swimwear, dropped her latest thirst trap on Monday, posting from a bathroom for her 153 million Instagram followers and seemingly shutting down her SKIMS bikini drama. Kendall, alleged to have heavily edited her red bikini over Valentine's Day, kept it very non-professional in this shot. A selfie will do that. Check it out below.

Moving On After Thigh Gap Drama

Kendall Jenner bikini selfie

Scroll for the latest photo. The above one, sparking a massive Twitter storm, saw the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star slammed for allegedly having Photoshopped everything from her skin and silhouette to her bikini line.

Sticking with bikinis, but not modeling for sister Kim Kardashian's 2019-founded SKIMS brand, Kendall posted all kitten and kneeling in a chic, orchid-decorate bathroom last night, and it was skimpy stuff. Kendall was stripped down to a tiny, frill-bust white bikini with colorful floral prints, and she was back on the thigh gap bandwagon.

Keep Scrolling For The Bikini!

Kendall Jenner robe selfie

Opting out of any caption, the reality star zoomed in and out while kneeling and highlighting her super-flat stomach, curvy hips, and killer cleavage, largely hiding her face, but not her figure.

The selfie last night comes as Kendall both announces the launch of her 818 tequila brand and responds to countless users calling Photoshop on her SKIMS shoot, a V-Day getup that also included sister Kim and younger sibling Kylie Jenner. See the bikini below, plus the SKIMS backlash!

Thigh Gap Complaints

Kendall Jenner bikini selfie

Kendall, who has since been slammed for cultural appropriation over her tequila brand, faced immense criticism over the bikini shots. One user stated:

"Kendall is obviously very gorgeous but these are not her real body proportions nor are they anybody’s," they wrote: 'Please don’t compare yourself to heavily edited images. Even Kendall doesn’t look like this [in real life]."

While Jenner usually ignores social media storms, she did appear to address the negativity, taking to Twitter and sharing a body-positive message. See more photos below!

Addresses Backlash

Kendall Jenner in green top

The former Victoria's Secret Angel, not directly addressing the shoot, but seeming to imply her message was linked to it, called herself a lucky girl, writing: "I am an extremely lucky girl. appreciative of all that i have. but i want you to know i have bad days too and that i hear you! you are beautiful just the way you are!!! it’s not always as perfect as it may seem ❤️."

The selfie last night also comes as queen bee Kim makes headlines for divorcing rapper husband Kanye West. Scroll for Kim unfussed in her undies amid the filing!

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