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Courtney Stodden on red carpet

Courtney Stodden Talks Being Media 'Train Wreck,' Like Britney Spears

By Gary Trock

Courtney Stodden believes the recent public scrutiny into the life and treatment of Britney Spears has caused many people to reach out and apologize to her over incidents from the past, and Stodden is crediting Spears with helping shine light on the way young stars in the entertainment industry are treated.

Stodden, who has recently been focusing on a career as a musician, took to Instagram with a message of thanks from her fans and those who have reached out with words of support.

Thanking Her Fans

Courtney Stodden / Instagram

"I want to thank my fans! Ever since Framing Britney Spears has come out, I’ve received apologies from both sides — people in the media and supporters from around the world," Stodden wrote to her near 300,000 followers while referencing the recent in-depth documentary produced by The New York Times.

26-year-old Stodden added, "I think the documentary has opened a lot of people’s hearts to what it’s like being in the shoes of a personality in the center of judgment."

Parallels to Britney

Britney Spears on red carpet

While paying her respects to Britney Spears for paving the way as an icon, Courtney Stodden feels she has walked a similar path as the "Oops!... I Did It Again" star.

"Major props to queen Brit. She was everyone’s “sideshow” , yet still she stands... she still rises. She is a rock to me," the star captioned a fresh-faced photos of herself in the backyard of her home.

She continued, "I’ve felt the world pointing at me while they watched and laughed as I sank in the middle of the ocean. I know what it feels like to be everyone’s 'train wreck' yet no one ever sees you for who you are or has compassion for your pain."

Finding a New Path

Courtney Stodden in little black dress

Courtney Stodden admitted that she, "tried to take my own life, drank myself to sleep, wasn’t aware that I was being abused, both sexually and mentally, I was lost in Hollywood madness and had no where to turn, all while being painted as some kind of clown villain for people to sling mud at."

The past couple of years have been life-changing for Stodden, as her divorce from ex-husband Dough Hutchison sparked a rebirth of creativity and outlook on life for the social media influencer and musician.

"Now I’m 26, divorced from toxicity and I’m feeling so much more grounded. I’m not relying on pills or alcohol for my worth. Music is my passion and I’m focused on serving you BOP after BOP!" Stodden declared.

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