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Ariel Winter and Nolan Gould on red carpet

Ariel Winter Notices Ex Costar Nolan Gould's Shredded Pics

By Gary Trock

Ariel Winter and Nolan Gould played brother and sister on TV for more than a decade, and even though the set has been long torn down from their iconic ABC sitcom, the relationship between the two stars is clearly still going strong. 22-year-old Gould has been lighting up the Internet over the past few days when he revealed a jacked new physique in a shirtless photo shoot that showed off the young "Modern Family" actor's 6-pack abs and rippling muscles.

The Transformation

Nolan Gould, who is known to have a big brain, as he is a member of Mensa, but now he's showing off some big muscles with a shirtless spread with PEOPLE. Taking to Instagram over the weekend, Gould went into detail on the transformation process.

"Six months ago I started working out with Mike with one simple goal in mind; if Nolan from another dimension, me from the future, or a government created clone of myself ever tried to take me out and live as the de facto Nolan of this universe, I could best them in one on one combat," the actor shared with his 1.4 million fans.

Preparing for Battle

Giphy | ABC Network

Although Gould kept joking about his transformation, the actor has put in some hard work and is obviously enjoying showing off the results.

He continued:

"So basically, working out is pointless unless it makes you physically healthier and most importantly, emotionally happier. And make sure your friends know how to identify the real you for when the clones come. I lay awake late at night, paralyzed in fear, thinking about the other Nolan. I know he’s training, coming for me. I can picture him now. Leaning up shirtless against a leather couch, smirking. I only hope you’ll be able to spot the differences."

Ariel Winter Can't Help Herself

Ariel Winter, Nolan Gould, Sarah Hyland pose at wrap party
Nolan Gould / Instagram

While most of the comments in Nolan Gould's feed praised the star for dedicating himself to getting washboard abs and a ripped physique, his former "Modern Family" co-star, and BFF, couldn't help but drop a little jab.

"Your lasagna is ready," Ariel Winter wrote after sliding into Gould's comments.

Not missing a beat, the actor replied, "On my way," and the exchange generated a ton of likes from fans loving the long-lasting connection between the two stars.

Now we are wondering if Ariel Winter actually makes a killer lasagna!

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