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Kanye West: Presidential Run Cost Me My Marriage To Kim Kardashian!

By Mike Walters

Kanye West is blaming his failed presidential run as the nail in the coffin which cost him his marriage to Kim Kardashian.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star apparently lost all hope to repair her marriage to the rapper after he decided to run for the President of the United States -- and subsequently made a host of controversial and embarrassing statements about his family.

According to reports, he believes the political campaign was the 'straw that broke the camel back' in the marriage and there was no coming back from it.

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Presidential Run Was The 'Straw That Broke The Camels Back'


"He's in that place of 'if only,'" a source told People.

Adding, "'If only I had done this, if only I hadn't done that.' He's processing things."

Apparently, Kanye realizes that before the Presidental run there was 'hope' in reconciling his marriage with Kim, but "After that, none. It cost him his marriage."

As we reported, the famous couple's relationship was put under a ton of strain after Kanye began acting extremely erratic and made several public outbursts after announcing his bid for the presidency.

His first campaign speech shocked the world and created a ton of issues at home.

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Kanye West: If Only I Had Done This, If Only I Had Done That


As we reported, during a rambling speech in South Carolina, Kanye made a host of bizarre statements including about his wife.

At one point, Kanye broke down crying exposing that Kim Kardashian considering having an abortion while pregnant with their oldest daughter, North West. "Even if my wife wants to divorce me after this speech, she brought North into the world even when I didn't want to," he said at the time.

Adding, "She stood up and she protected that child."

Obviously, Kim was extremely upset following the statements.

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Famous Couple Sharing Joint Custody Of Their Four Children


At the time, Kim was furious with Kanye for sharing something so intimate and private. Plus, she was upset he would speak about his daughter that way in front of a large rally audience.

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce on Friday, and Kanye has been "texting people" and "talking things through" according to People.

The good news, Kanye and Kim will share custody of their four children, and even though he suffers from some mental health issues, Kardashian knows he is a good father. Plus, both parties are extremely wealthy, and they had a prenuptial agreement, so there should be no issues with dividing up their estate.

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