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Bella Thorne Breaks Her Silence On Britney Spears Situation, 'It's Really Disgusting'

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By Mike Walters

Bella Thorne is breaking her silence on the Britney Spears situation, explaining she has been in a similar situation with the media and believes what was done to her is 'really disgusting.'

The 23-year-old actress is about to drop her newest single, 'Shake It' and the fellow child actor decided to share her thoughts on the ongoing situation regarding Britney's conservatorship and the new documentary.

Bella, who was also thrust into stardom at a young age, says she can relate to the issues Britney Spears is being forced to endure.

See Bella's Reaction To The Documentary!

'We're All A Part Of This, We All Did This To Her'


"It was so sad when I watched it," Thorne told Fox News.

She continued, "Everything I was looking at made me really, really, really sad knowing that this was happening, knowing that this still happens, knowing that we're all a part of this, that we all did this to her."

In defense of Spears, Thorne described her own experiences with aggressive media, and invasions on her personal life.

"By the time I was 14 I was very famous and there was paparazzi, people constantly looking at me and trying to touch me and insert themselves around me, around my life," she said.

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Bella Thorne: I Just Feel Literally Terrible


"Fake people, real people, all kinds of people including the public judging me for everything that I do," she continued.

Bella Thorne admitted massive fame and especially childhood stardom can be scary and difficult to live through but admits Britney had it much harder than most in the industry.

"Even if you didn't do anything to [Britney], you talked about her with your friends, you heard about those photos of her hitting that car, someone made a joke in a group -- we're all a part of it. That makes it so much more incredulous," she told the outlet.

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'It's Really Disgusting'


"The documentary is stunning in the sense that it really gives us the full-blown perspective of the situation. But it's really disgusting in the sense that here it is in black-and-white, this is what we did to her. My goodness, I just feel literally terrible," Bella concluded.

As we reported, Britney is still currently fighting in court to have her father removed as the sole conservator of her estate. At this point, the pop star hasn't officially responded to the documentary but has posted several messages on Instagram which many fans believe to be coded reactions.

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