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Kaley Cuoco close up

Kaley Cuoco's A Sweat-Drenched Animal In Spandex Garage Run

By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco is dripping mad sweat while running absolutely nowhere in her garage. The 35-year-old "Big Bang Theory" alum, known for her beast mode sweat sessions, kicked Friday off to a very energetic start as she peeked her $12 million Hidden Hills estate home, with it looking like the girl behind Penny owns some pretty fancy gym equipment. Kaley, followed by 6.4 million on Instagram, updated with a quick story on Friday, and it was spandex body-ody-ody. Check it out below.

No Newbie To Workouts


Scroll for the video. The above mone headlines earlier this month as the sitcom star fashioned home weights while bending over in her kitchen. Out with the DIY and getting out the bad boys, Kaley posted running in her element, seen on a big treadmill from her garage and with the door open. All spandex in tight black leggings, the blonde highlighted her killer workout body in a green turtleneck, also wearing sneakers and filmed with her hair all blowing around her.

See The Workout Below!

Kaley Cuoco and sister working out

Kaley, admitting this was the "easy part lol," shouted out trainer Ryan Sorensen, writing: "No joke this morning" as she added: "WORK MODE ON." The star, who told Women's Health she "hates" running back in 2016, seems to have changed her tune. She's also not looking 35.

Kaley's run today comes as she herself finds herself in the running for something – HBO Max series "The Flight Attendant" is up for a Golden Globe this year, with the popular thriller now already renewed for a second season.

Scroll For Her Nightie Coffee!


Kaley has opened up on her fitness. The In-N-Out lover, who keeps it balanced, revealed being a total SoulCycle nut in 2019, telling Women's Health:

“If I get a little bit bored, I’ll switch over to SoulCycle, which I love too,” adding: “It’s all or nothing. I’m hot or cold. I’m not a gray area. So if I’m doing yoga, we’re doing it every day this week....Then I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I have to switch.’ Then I’m going crazy on SoulCycle....‘Okay, I have to switch.’”

See more photos below!

New TV Series Renewed

Kaley Cuoco with coffee and a dog

November 2020 brought "The Flight Attendant," a mini-series telling the story of Cassandra Bowden, a flight attendant caught in a one-night-stand murder mystery. The 8-part-miniseries, also seeing Cuoco as executive producer via her Yes, Norman Productions company, takes her out of comedy and into drama, with the popular show now 100% green-lit for Season 2.

Kaley filmed the series before and during the pandemic, with the latter bringing her headline-making home bed squats, yet another reminder she ain't your average. Scroll for Kaley highlighting her "iconic" feature in her nightie!

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