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Britney Spears Sparks Major Concerns Over Bizarre Ice Cream Diet!

By Mike Walters

Britney Spears just revealed to the world she is currently on an ice cream diet, and the statement has many believing it is some sort of coded message, or that she is not in full control of her own Instagram.

The pop princess just posted a bizarre statement on IG, claiming she had started an ice cream diet, where she was eating the Strawberry flavored treat, 'twice a day.'

In the post, Britney included a picture of an ice cream cone with six scoops on top with six different flavors.

See Britney's Message!

See The Bizarre Ice Cream Diet Message!


"So .... I tried the ice cream diet and since my favorite flavor is strawberry 🍓 I realized after a week eating it twice a day I needed to mix it up !!!! I switched to chocolate 🍫 .... then I got bored of that one really fast so finally, I went to vanilla 🍦😂😋 !!!!" Britney captioned this ice cream cone picture.

Almost immediately, Britney's fans started posting messages like "SOMEONE DECODE THIS" and asking, "Are you ok?"

A few other #FreeBritney movement members are questioning whether or not someone else has access to Britney's account or phone.

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Fans Attempt To Decode Britney's 'Messages'


"Brit I cannot decode your messages!!!! But don’t worry we are on it, whatever you’re trying to tell us!!!" one fan wrote.

Another simply said, "Give Britney back her phone."

A few die-hard fans attempted to decode the message, posting, "What she is trying to say is she was at the bottom but now she’s closer to the top meaning she’s close to getting out."

Another added, "She went from popular and full of flavour to basic and enjoyed the plain... not too cryptic to work out. She is happy having a plain lifestyle and changing it up after not giving other things a try."

This is not the first time BS has sent her fan base into a tailspin over possible hidden messages, many believe her recent Scrabble board picture was also a coded statement!

See Below!

Coded Message?! Or Just Family Board Game Night...


The 'Toxic' singer took to Instagram and dropped this photo of what appears to be a recent Scrabble game played by the pop star.

But, conspiracy theorists are convinced the actual words on the board signified some sort of message she was trying to get across to her fans.

As you know, Britney's life is again under a microscope after a documentary by the New York Times explored the major players involved in her conservatorship case. At this point, the pop star continues to fight in court to remove her father as a conservator of her estate.

As for the message, it's unclear what she is trying, or not trying to get across.

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