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Britney Spears on the red carpet

Britney Spears All Smiles In Minuscule Shorts After Secret Message Scramble

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By Whitney Vasquez

If Britney Spears was hiding a secret message on her Scrabble board, she's already moved on. The 39-year-old pop princess has returned to her social media after declaring World War III amongst her followers who were desperately trying to find a hidden word on her gameboard yesterday.

Just hours after dropping an ariel shot of her Scrabble board and asking her fans to "find a word that isn’t actually a word," the "Womanizer" singer posted a video showcasing her sweet dance moves.

Was She Sending a Message?

Britney Spears wearing a red tank top

Taking to her social media on Thursday, February 18, Britney Spears shared a video wearing next to nothing. Slipping her killer curves in a teeny tiny black sports bra, the Grammy-winning singer showed off a whole lot of skin by matching her workout look with a pair of short shorts.

Rocking the mustard yellow pajama bottoms with flowers all over, Britney Spears hit her epic dance moves in her living room in comfort. Highlighting her slender waist by tying up the drawstring tightly, the star took us back to the good old days of low-cut pants. Scroll to watch Brit dance!

Watch Her Dance Moves


Showcasing that she's still "skinny as a needle," the "Oops!... I Did It Again" singer strutted around in her minuscule shorts to songs like Shaed and Zayn's "Trampoline" and Train's "Hey, Soul Sister." Keeping it real, Britney Spears danced around barefoot instead of opting for shoes or socks. Twirling and hitting every beat, the star looked happy as she smiled through the moves.

"What can I say .... I LOVE dancing and doing cardio in my living room," Britney Spears wrote before continuing with another bizarre message. Keep scrolling to see what she said!

See Her Scrabble Board

Britney Spears' Scrabble board

"At least I’m closer to the fridge so I can get water 💧🤷‍♀️😂 !!!!" she added to which her boyfriend Sam Asghari responded, "Or food 😂." Britney Spears' smiling dance video immediately collected love from her fans who are hoping for the best when it comes to her conservatorship battle.

Britney Spears does not want her father to control her assets and is vigorously fighting him in court. As for her Scrabble board, fans looked for hours trying to crack the code to no avail.

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