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Danielle Fishel Introduces Her Baby to 'Boy Meets World' Co-Star Ben Savage!

By Gary Trock

Danielle Fishel's worlds collided when the first special boy in her life met the MOST special boy in her life.

The former "Boy Meets World" star just shared a photo of co-star and longtime friend, Ben Savage, meeting her new son Adler.

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The stars played Cory and Topanga in the insanely popular Disney sitcom, which ran for 7 seasons during the 90s.

They later reunited to play the parents of Riley in the Disney sitcom, "Girl Meets World," which lasted for three seasons.

"The original Boy came to meet our boy," Fishel captioned the photo to her fans, showing the 38-year-old TV star holding the infant.

Fishel also threw a robot emoji over her son's face, and has explained that she and husband, Jensen Karp, made the decision to not show the child's face in a preemptive strike against Internet trolls.

Fishel explained,

"We are two people who made a conscious choice to be in the public eye and share what would normally be private moments with the public. Adler isn't capable of making that choice for himself and until he is, we've decided to shield him from places where strangers can comment on him. It wasn't an easy decision for us. We both love social media and sharing special moments in our lives."

She added,

"The truth is, choosing not to post pictures of him kinda sucks. I wanna show you my baby every day. He's cuter than this but I worry about a couple things. 1. His safety. There are weirdos out there. Enough said. 2. Putting pictures and facts about him onto the internet that he doesn't have any say in. I'd like for him to be able to curate his own footprint on the internet in the future without being mortified we posted about his his fear of swimming or his first crush."

Fishel recently brought baby Adler home from the hospital after a three-week stay in the NICU.

When Adler was born, he was a month early and had "unexplained fluid in both of his lung cavities."

Even though the days are tough and Fishel says she and her husband, "take baby night shifts where we pass each other like zombies on a mission," she is adamant that these, "are some of the best days of my life."

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