A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie's Road Manager Seen Punching Several Women In Shocking Video

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By Mike Walters on September 23, 2019 at 1:48 PM EDT


A member of A Boogie wit da Hoodie's management team was arrested and charged with felony battery after violently punching several women in a hotel room following one of the rapper's performances in Las Vegas.

The violent attack, from May 25, was all caught on tape by a witness, Sayyora Badalbaeva, who also starred in "Bad Girls Club."

In the video, obtained by The Blast, an argument can be seen between Yasin Touray and several women in a hotel room.

The argument escalated to physical violence, and Touray could be seen throwing a haymaker punch that connects with one of the women in the face and sends her crumpling to the ground.

Another woman in the room tried to intervene, but Touray grabbed her and leveled multiple menacing punches into her face.

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The attack is so brutal, one of the victims could even be seen checking her teeth in the mirror to see if any had been knocked out.

After the melee, Touray casually walked out of the room and tried to leave the scene while the women are screaming and crying behind him.

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The Blast

We're told the two victims in the video are Instagram models known as Ally Stone and Karina Djalilova.

Photos of the aftermath show blood splattered on the floor and walls of the hotel room, as well as in the bathroom sink from the girls trying to clean up after the attack.

The women were also photographed with devestating injuries as a result of the attack.

Immediately after the incident began, we're told hotel security was called ... who in turn alerted the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Hotel security was able to locate and detain Touray until police showed up to handle the situation.

According to the police report from the incident, LVMPD got a call for a "disturbance" at Venetian Hotel and Casino.

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When the arrived, they were told, "there was an altercation between a female and male guest," and witnesses stated, "the male had battered the female in the face and she was missing teeth."

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According to the police report, the women told cops Touray was invited up to the room, "to hang out with her and the other girls."

They revealed that he is actually friends with one of the women, but did not know the others.

The women said that when he showed up to the room, Touray was clearly "agitated," and asked if he could take them to dinner, but they already had plans.

They told police he became upset and asked to use the bathroom, but another girl was "naked" and changing. He allegedly became aggressive, and the women told Touray that he needed to "leave their room."

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The Blast

The women said it was then that Touray lashed out and began "hitting" them with a closed fist, as seen in the video.

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The Blast

While observing the injuries on the women, police noted that one of the victims had a very swollen right cheek, and she claimed to have trouble seeing out of one of her eyes, along with a possibly broken nose.

In the other victim, police noted that her tooth was extremely loose as a result of the punch she endured. Both women transported themselves to a local hospital and they made it clear they wanted to press charges against Touray.

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The Blast

During his interaction with police, Touray did not seem apologetic for his actions, and cops noted he was "uncooperative" throughout the investigation.

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Meanwhile, the women involved have hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit against Touray, and A Boogie's production company over the attack.

They included the rapper in the legal filing because they stated he had a responsibility to oversee his employees, and that Touray was, "under the supervision of Boogie" at the time of the attack.

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The Blast

After speaking to the victims and reviewing the video, Touray was placed under arrest and transported to jail on charges of Battery with Substantial Bodily Harm.

While at the Clark County Detention Center, Touray became combatant and allegedly called the arresting officer a "cracker."

The report claims he also told several correctional officers to "Suck his d--k." He ultimately had to be restrained while placed in his jail cell and officers requested that the jail camera be turned on to monitor his actions.

Touray was released on bail, and according to court records, was charged with a felony. His criminal case is still pending.

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The Blast

According to the lawsuit:

"Yasin viciously punched Plaintiffs with a closed fist that caused
Plaintiffs to suffer serious brain injuries, broken bones, and lacerations. Yasin dealt Plaintiffs multiple devastating blows to the head and upper body with such force that Plaintiffs’ nerve roots within their teeth were damaged."

Weeks later, the injuries suffered in Las Vegas were still visible on the faces of the victims.

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Inked/The Concert

The women claim they have "suffered physical manifestations of emotional distress, including but not limited to depression, fear, anxiety, post traumatic stress, and panic attacks which have been subject to medical treatment and oversight."

Sources close to A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie tell us Touray is not the rapper's day to day manager, but was only brought in for specific events.

Although they confirm Touray worked for A Boogie at the time, we're told he was hired as a sub-contractor.

We're told A Boogie and his team no longer have any relationship with Touray.

The lawsuit notes that HBTL Touring, the company being sued, is "an entity created by musical performer Artist Dubose, frequently referred to as “A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie."

In the lawsuit, the women claim Boogie was an invited guest of the Venetian, where he was "staying overnight with his posse and Yasin." They also claim A Boogie and Touray became intoxicated with alcohol and/or other intoxicants at the Sunday pool party before the incident.

The lawsuit states that Touray was also found by Venetian Hotel Security in a room

registered to HBTL Touring.

In response to the brutal video and photos, Ally Champagne tells The Blast:

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"It’s impossible for me to understand or justify how a man I never bet before could brutally beat me and my friend until we needed to be hospitalized. Someone’s association w fame and wealth should not be a license to go around beating women with no repercussions or accountability for their actions.Not only do I hope this man goes to prison and we get the justice we deserve, but I Truly hope other woman who have been victimized can come forward so we can stand together and stop men like this from assaulting women. This just has to stop"

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