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A$AP Rocky Testimony: Listen to Him Defend Himself During Thursday's Hearing

By Daniel Goldblatt

For the first time since his arrest last month, we can listen to A$AP Rocky describe in his own words what went down during the incident that led to his assault arrest in Sweden.

A$AP took the stand in Stockholm District Court during his trial.

In audio from the hearing obtained by The Blast, A$AP can be heard speaking about the incident, beginning with when he decided to pick up a bottle to try and defuse the situation.

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"We saw bottles on the floor and we picked them up. We didn't want them to get the bottles, we didn't want them to have them in their possession," he said.

He later said he "held it momentarily because I realized it was stupid, especially when they didn't have it in their possession, it wasn't necessary for me to have it, so I put it down."

A$AP also testified about the girls who he says tried "to mediate the situation. We told them to ask the guys to leave us alone and to stop following us. They disregarded that too."

He said his bodyguard Tim "asked the girls to call the cops because we didn't know the number to 911 and for some reason that day in Sweden, Uber didn't want to work either. We were having problems with Uber and we were having problems with the scooters."


"The guys walked back up to us, where Tim is standing, and they started to approach him," A$AP testified. "At this moment, both of the guys attacked Tim. That's when I intervened and I threw [the alleged victim] to the ground and I stepped on his arm, I kicked his arm, and I punched him or shoved him."

He continued, "At that moment, my friends came to help and Tim also arrived. At that moment is when I stood up and turned around and I saw [the alleged victim]'s friend charging at me. He and I, we pushed, we shoved for a bit and pulled for a bit. Right after that, my security guard Tim came and turned me around and walked me up the block."


In other parts of his testimony, A$AP explained that he tried to tell the guy, "Listen, don't go where we are going, go the other way, we don't want any trouble."

A$AP said the guy was persistent and A$AP says he put a hand on the guy's shoulder, in a "peaceful way," and told him, "Look man, we do not want to fight. We do not want problems. We do not want to go to prison. Please go."

He testified that after the incident, he returned to his hotel and considered reporting the incident to the police but ultimately decided against it.

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