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'Southern Charm' Star Kathryn Dennis Denies Claim She Had Abortion in Rehab

By Ryan Naumann

“Southern Charm” star Kathryn Dennis is firing back at the claim she had an abortion while in rehab, as part of her court battle with ex Thomas Ravenel.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Dennis is finally addressing the accusations by Ravenel and his on-again, off-again girlfriend that she had an abortion while in rehab back in 2016.

The reality star filed a declaration in her ongoing custody battle with Ravenel. He is attempting to gain sole custody of their kids by using an alleged positive drug test against Dennis. She has denied using marijuana and believes CBD oil caused the positive result.

In her newly filed docs, Dennis explains while pregnant with their second child Saint, Ravenel “wanted me to have an abortion. He tried to convince me that we did not need a second child. I refused.”

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Dennis says she gave birth in November 2015, “Along with the birth of Kensie, those were the two most amazing days of my life.”

The two tried to reconcile after the birth but separated for the last time in early 2016.

Dennis says she was regularly using marijuana as a coping mechanism for depression and anxieties. She realized she had to stop and then entered into a rehab in California in June 2016. She completed the 30-day program and left in July.

The reality star claims Ravenel and his girlfriend have “tried to defame me and claim” I had an abortion while attending rehabilitation after “getting pregnant from some friend of his”.


Dennis is adamant “this is a complete fabrication” and accuses her ex of using his girlfriend to “disparage and defame me … only he provided her with incorrect information.” She says the defamatory claim was that she had an abortion arising from “an affair with one of Thomas’ polo friends (false), claiming I had to leave rehab for the procedure.”

Dennis says, “I was not pregnant while in rehabilitation.” She is laying it all out in hopes of convincing the judge to see things her way.


Back in November 2018, Ravenel filed a lawsuit against Bravo and “Southern Charm” producers demanding a judge stop them from broadcasting unaired footage on the show. Ravenel filed the docs as part of his custody battle with Dennis. She filed for primary custody of the children back in October. Dennis had her custody taken away in 2016 after failing a drug test but was awarded joint custody this year after completing rehab and staying clean.

In his suit against Bravo, Ravenel says the network and “Southern Charm” producers “encouraged” his ex to file for custody against him to create drama on the show.

He demanded Dennis not be awarded primary custody despite her request. Ravenel, who is about to be on trial for an alleged sexual assault in South Carolina, claimed he learned that Bravo and producers have unaired footage of his kids and ex talking about the legal battle and it was to be aired on the upcoming season. The reality star sued demanding a South Carolina judge prohibit the sensitive footage from airing on the show. Ravenel would later file docs accusing Dennis of buying drugs from friends and show producers and even accused her of committing a hit-and-run.

She has accused Ravenel of dropping their kid into a pool while intoxicated, throwing a Christmas tree across a room and allegedly masturbating on her back while she slept (after she rejected his advance while pregnant).

The case has even dragged co-star Patricia Altschul into the case, with Ravenel set to depose her about his ex.

He recently accused Dennis of failing a recent drug test when it came back positive for marijuana. He is requesting the court to only allow Dennis to have supervised visitation with their two kids Kensie and Saint. Dennis has disputed the test and pointed out her hair test came back clean.

Dennis believes using CBD oil caused a positive test result.

A judge has yet to rule. He demanded sole custody of the two kids due to the test results.

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