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Logan Paul Calls Out KSI After He Clowns Him for Failing to Sell Out Challenger Games

By Chad Weiser

YouTuber Logan Paul held a track and field event on Saturday with some of the Internets biggest names but it wasn’t a sold-out venue, as his rival KSI pointed out.

The "Challenger Games" have been hyped for months by the popular YouTuber but the crowd didn't turn out as he expected.

It all went down at the Long Beach College’s Veterans Memorial Stadium and as footage from the event shows, there were several empty rows of bleachers with a group of fans gathered toward toward the front.


KSI didn’t hesitate to notice this fact and sounded off on the subject via Twitter, replying to one of Paul’s previous Tweets claiming that KSI couldn’t sell out a 50-person venue.

Instead of engaging with Logan, KSI simply responded with a clown emoji.

Although he ended up further damaging his already injured hamstring during his race, Paul took a shot at KSI on the field shortly thereafter, calling KSI a “bitch” and claiming that what he wanted to do to him in the boxing ring wasn’t “PG.”

“I can’t say it, because I think this is like, a PG stream,” Paul stated in a post-race interview.


The rivals' latest argument follows KSI’s previous comments on Twitter regarding the Games, which he hoped would “fail to run in general.”

Paul was quick to remind KSI that the Games were for charity, prompting his opponent to reply, “Ah ok my bad. Hope you just fall and graze your clapped face on the gravel then.”

KSI’s wishes came true somewhat, Paul’s strained hamstring took a turn just after he ran out of the starting blocks during the 100-meter dash, and again during the 4x100 meter relay.

With Paul effectively crippled ahead of his match with KSI, it looks like the British YouTuber already has the upper hand.

The pair are set to box again in November.

Watch their first fight below.

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