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By Rima Pundir on April 25, 2021 at 5:57 AM EDT

Instagram | Machine Gun Kelly

There is an undeniable pull Machine Gun Kelly feels toward blood, and it's there for all and sundry to see on his neck, as a bloody tattoo that is getting both love and hate from his Instagram fans. 

Considering the boy-man just turned 31, it's no surprise that he added yet another tat to his ever-growing collection, and this one is a bit of a doozy. 

That said; Megan Fox does not seem to mind at all as she let her hair down to celebrate the birthday of a "most unusually handsome boy" with abandon... 

Here are the pictures to prove it!

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Quite The Party!

Instagram | Machine Gun Kelly

Dressed in a glitzy silver jacket, Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK aka Colson Baker, celebrated his 31st bday in cool style, duly accompanied by a hot Megan Fox, and as the picture shows, an equally joyful Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. 

No masks or COVID-19 protocols were in sight but the fans did not seem to mind as he got more than a million likes for his bday post, and plenty of wishes like, "Let’s talk about it... happy born day to Tha Yung Gunna ??"...

Party animal, you bet!

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Blonde Angel Baby?

Instagram | Megan Fox

Megan Fox uses a ton of flowery words when it comes to Machine Gun Kelly, as odd as it may sound, and her birthday wish on Instagram was no different, as she wrote, "Happy Birthday blonde angel baby ???".

We get the blonde and the baby, but the angel is a bit of a bad fit, considering MGK's overall persona. 

Her Valentine's day wishes were also pretty flowery, as she wrote, "here goes my heart

manifest outside of my body

draped in the towering silhouette of a most unusually handsome boy..."

Quite the poetess, as she continued, "the

the journey will likely be perilous

but there is no destination without him".

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Slash, Smash, And Slay

Instagram | Machine Gun Kelly

And this is the latest addition to Machine Gun Kelly's heavily tattooed body, and no, that's not a wound, it's an actual tattoo that not all fans get. 

To MGK's caption, "bye bye neck. ?", one fan wrote, "Thought that was a legit slice in ur neck ?".

Another fan also chimed, "mate what are u doin"  but they were plenty who were blown away by his "beauty", as this budding poet, right here...

"This isn’t meant to come off as criticism, but you should be more careful with what you post. I have asthma and was completely blown away by ur beauty".

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MGK Promises To Grow Up

Instagram | Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly, who goes by the social handle of The Blonde Don, is promising his fans more maturity. Said he, "I'll grow up next summer...SINcerely, birthday boy ??".

But fans don't really believe him as one wrote, "Colson you can't say you’ll grow up next summer every summer ?".

And seeing the latest slasher tattoo on his neck, and the permanent suspenders on that body, most other fans do not believe it either. But then, they don't want him to grow up either, with comments likes, "

Happy bday king, don’t ever change ?"...

Happy Birthday, Machine Gun Kelly!

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