Paula Abdul Admits She Was 'Smitten' By Keanu Reeves When They First Met

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By TheBlast Staff on April 20, 2021 at 1:34 PM EDT

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Keanu Reeves is famous for many things; his ability to switch between roles widely acclaimed in both dramatic films and comedies.

Known throughout Hollywood as a decidedly nice guy, the superstar has made appearances in some of the biggest films and blockbusters of the past two decades cementing his name as a top gun in the entertainment business.

Reeves is also a certified eye candy, his carriage and persona has gained him thousands of admirers including fellow actors and actresses. Being tight-lipped about his personal life, however, does not stop the bodied actor from making it to the wishlist of other celebrities and fans all over the world.

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Before The Meeting


The "Opposites Attract" singer Paula Abdul recently spoke up about her perceived relationship with the "John Wick" actor. She also laid to rest the speculations that they were once romantically involved. Well, in her heart, they were!

The alleged couple, however, is on either end of the same spectrum, Reeves dominating the acting scenes while Abdul dominates the music.

Born in Lebanon in 1964, Reeves enjoyed a multicultural upbringing for the first decades of his life. His love for performing arts was evident at a young age when he would appear in several stage productions, working his way through the ranks up to television movies and shows.

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Ride To The Top


Tapping into the trend of the mid-80s, the 56-year-old actor successfully transitioned to feature films appearing in movies such as "Youngblood" and Bill & Ted’s "Excellent Adventure."

By the early ’90s, Reeves was a recognized talent in Hollywood. He added experience to his already impressive portfolio by acting in unexpected dramatic movies like Bram Stoker’s "Dracula."

However, it was his extraordinary role in the action movie "Speed" that set him apart as a star setting the course for his success for the next several decades.

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The Paula Abdul

Instagram / Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul on the other hand is a singer-songwriter, famous for her eclectic dance moves. Launching into fame for her impressive work with Janet Jackson, Abdul has managed to hold it together on her own.

She has several hit singles to her credit including “Straight Up," and "Cold Hearted."

The "Rush Rush" singer is also an acknowledged musical authority as she was one of the original judges of "American Idol," making appearances on the show from 2002 until 2009.

In the early ’90s, Abdul put together a series of incredible music videos, including one for her song “Rush Rush.”

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Never Meant To Be

Instagram / Paula Abdul

After her second studio album, "Spellbound," Abdul became an established artist with the clout and money to feature big names in the industry in her music videos including young Reeves.

Blessed with long memories, fans never forgot how the two first met and it was put to speculations if they dated or not. After Reeves made an appearance in the “Rush Rush" music video, rumors started evolving that the two stars were intimately involved.

In 2019, Abdul finally opened up about her relationship status with Reeves on  "Watch What Happens Live." The singer clarified that even though she was physically attracted to the actor at the time, and wanted him for herself, they were never more than friends.

Despite the clarification, the rumors of the relationhip peristed.

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