Terrell Owens Drops to His Knees After Surviving Horrific Car Wreck

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By Gary Trock on March 28, 2021 at 1:16 PM EDT


Retired NFL star Terrell Owens is lucky to be alive after surviving a car crash over the weekend. The former San Francisco 49er star took to Instagram on Sunday and revealed the scary photos from the accident, which he explains went down the day before.

T.O. did not provide many details on what happened but provided photos of the wreck that left car parts scattered across the freeway. After the incident, T.O. is making it clear that he's saying a prayer for walking away unscathed.

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Terrell Owens / Instagram

It was a pretty crazy scene, according to the photos that Terrell Owens provided. What appears to be the former NFL star's sedan had its entire front-end smashed after colliding into the back of another vehicle. The details surrounding the accident are currently unknown, and it's unclear on whether anyone received a ticket from police over the crash.

"I was on my way home but this is..
Thankful for no injuries, health and able to see another day.
God is Good," T.O. wrote to his fans.

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Terrell Owens / Instagram

Along with the photos of his car crash, the legendary wide receiver also showed himself kneeling down and saying a prayer the morning following the accident.

Whether he was a religious man before, a near-death experience like a car accident is sometimes enough to give anyone some religious inspiration.

Within moments, Owens' social media post was flooded with love and support from fans and celebrity friends.

Fellow retired NFL star, Deion Sanders, checked on his longtime friend and commented, "Amen my brother. God has always had u covered."

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