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By TheBlast Staff on March 26, 2021 at 11:34 AM EDT

Nikki Bella - Instagram

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev are set to tie the knot during Thanksgiving weekend 2021. The lovebirds announced their wedding date on the season six finale of "Total Bellas." With the wedding eight months away, one would think the couple is prepping for the big day. However, that's not the case.

During a recent appearance on the "Pretty Messed Up" podcast, hosts Cheryl Burke and AJ McLean inquired about Nikki's wedding plans. The 37-year-old Birdiebee founder revealed that she and Artem haven't started the planning yet. She also expressed her worry that the wedding may not happen.

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Pandemic Has The Couple Worried


The coronavirus pandemic may play a role in Nikki and Artem once again delaying their wedding. The couple originally planned to marry following the birth of their son Matteo in July 2020. However, they decided to wait until the pandemic was over.

Nikki has expressed her desire to have a big wedding in Napa Valley with all their family and friends. Although, the couple has settled on a date, according to Nikki, nothing is set in stone yet.

With the pandemic still going on, Nikki admits uncertainty over whether the wedding will take place or not. She revealed she wants their wedding to be a fun day without having to worry about COVID-19 regulations.

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Hopeful The Wedding Will Go On

Nikki Bella - Instagram

Although, the couple is worried about the pandemic, they're remaining optimistic in regards to their wedding.  At the moment, the two are waiting to see how things go with the pandemic before they pursue their wedding details.

According to Nikki, in a few weeks the couple will determine if everything can be set in stone. As for only having a few months to plan the big day, Nikki isn't worried. She says that she's a quick planner and can work out their wedding details in no time.

One thing Nikki won't have to worry about is picking a wedding dress. The "Total Bellas" star confessed she already has a dress and is ready to wear it.

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From Ballroom To Babies

Artem Chigvintsev - Instagram

Nikki and Artem's road to romance began in September 2017 when she was paired with him for season 25 of "Dancing With the Stars." At the time, Nikki was engaged to WWE star John Cena. Nikki said she felt no romantic spark for Artem during their time on the show. However, fans noticed the amazing chemistry between the two.

Nikki and Artem remained friends following their elimination from the show. When Nikki ended her engagement to Cena in April 2018, rumors swirled about a possible romance between her and Artem. In January 2019, the two went public with their relationship.

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After ten months of dating, Artem proposed to Nikki during a November 2019 trip to Paris. More good news was on the way for the couple. In January 2020, Nikki and her sister Brie announced they were pregnant. On July 31, 2020, Nikki gave birth to a son named Matteo.

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Weddings And Wrestling

Nikki Bella - Instagram

2021 is going to be a busy year in the Bella and Chigvintsev household. Aside from planning for their upcoming wedding, Nikki is also preparing for a potential WWE return.

For the past few months, Nikki and Brie have expressed interest in returning to wrestling. Although, Nikki hasn't been medically cleared yet due to neck issues, the Bellas' comeback may happen sooner than expected. According to the latest reports, the plans are for the Bellas to return sometime in the fall of 2021.

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