Ryan Seacrest Gets New Co-Host, Kelly Ripa Still Gone from 'LIVE'

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By Gary Trock on March 24, 2021 at 5:57 AM EDT


Kelly Ripa is still missing in action from her post as the co-host of "LIVE with Ryan and Kelly," and although Maria Menounos had been tapped for a support system while the main star is away, she has now been sidelined for a new guest co-host to take over duties.

The move comes amid the third day in a row that Kelly Ripa has not hosted "LIVE" from the ABC studios in New York City, and fans are beginning to wonder what happened to the veteran TV host.

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LIVE with Kelly and Ryan / Instagram

Although Maria Menounos left NYC and headed back home to Los Angeles, producers at "LIVE" tapped another popular media personality to spend time and co-host with Ryan Seacrest – Ali Wentworth!

Wentworth, who is married to GMA anchor George Stephanopoulos, appeared bright and bubbly on Wednesday's episode of "LIVE" as the hosts sat down with Lauren Graham to talk about the upcoming "Mighty Ducks" reboot, "The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers," premiering on Disney+.

Wentworth, who has regularly appeared on "LIVE" for interviews with Kelly and Ryan, is no stranger to appearing on the show and the audience was excited about her appearance.

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"Ali is so funny ? thank you," one fan commented after the show revealed Ali Wentworth's appearance Wednesday morning via Instagram.

"I absolutely love Ali. She is hysterical!! I haven’t laughed this hard in awhile. Great picks for replacement co-hosts this week!" another person wrote on social media.

However, not everyone was excited as one upset watcher commented, "Can’t watch , can’t stomach Ali," but was quickly shut down by others who claimed the star did a great job filling in for Kelly Ripa.

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Maria Menounos / Instagram

Although Maria Menounos only guest co-hosted "LIVE" for two days, the reaction from fans was extremely positive as they loved the interaction between the TV personality and Ryan Seacrest.

"Great show with Maria and Ryan, fresh energy much needed for the show. I started my work later just to watch her," one fan wrote on Instagram.

Maria even made sure to power up on a delicious breakfast before hitting the "LIVE" stage, as she enjoyed a towering plate of French toast.

Fans should not worry, however, as The Blast is told Kelly Ripa will be back to her normal hosting duties next week after taking her pre-planned annual family vacation.

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