Tom Hanks' Children Are Not All From His Wife Rita Wilson! Here's What We Know

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By TheBlast Staff on March 21, 2021 at 1:21 PM EDT

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Relationships are very special and should always make you feel happy. Relationships with family, friends, lovers.

People often adore celebrity relationships especially. These  couples are usually in the spotlight, with fans monitoring their every move and watching to see how the relationship turns out.

When they break up, it creates a frenzy on social media and fans express how heartbroken then are. But when they stay together, that’s just amazing. Not many celebrity couples have been together since they married, and not many of them have had one partner raise kids that are not his or hers.

However, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s names are missing on that list. Read below for more details. 

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Who Is Tom Hanks?


Tom Hanks, is an American TV star, actor and film maker. He is very famous, as he’s known as one of the biggest actors in the Hollywood film industry.

Despite celebrating 64 years of age, he still stars in several incredible movies. 

Aside from the women he must have dated in the past, Hanks was only previously married to an actress named Samantha Lewes. They first met in Sacramento as students, and later got married in 1979.

Unfortunately they were facing some issues, which led to their divorce in 1987.

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About Rita Wilson

Instagram / Rita Wilson

Hanks is presently married to American actress, singer and songwriter Rita Wilson. They first met each other on the set of the show “Bossom Buddies” in 1981.

Back then he was still married to his college sweetheart and ex wife Lewes.

The following year after his divorce, he got married to Wilson. The two have been together ever since for three decades and two years. The amazing couple would be having their 33rd wedding anniversary in April 30, 2020.

Although they have had their ups and downs, they still continue to manage their relationship pretty well.

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Meet Rita Wilson’s Sons

Instagram / Rita Wilson

Hanks and Wilson were blessed with two adorable kids who are already adults!

Their first child together a boy named Chester who is also nicknamed Chet is an incredible actor and rapper. He is 30 years old and is making his name in the industry already.

Their second child together who is also a boy named Truman Theodore Hanks, is 25 years old and he is also interested in the Hollywood industry.

He has also worked behind the scenes and joined in the production of some well-known shows.

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Hanks Had Kids Before Wilson

Instagram / Tom Hanks

Hanks had two children with his late ex wife Lewes, who passed away in 2002 due to bone cancer.

his first child is a boy named Colin Hanks, and the second child is a girl, Elizabeth Hanks.

Colin is 43 years old, and Elizabeth is 38. The two look a lot like their parents are also into the movie industry. Colin has starred in so many movies, including “Orange County,” “King Kong,” and many others.

Elizabeth is also into acting, and also found a special liking for production works. Hanks and Wilson are also a grandparents to kids from Colin and Chester.

The Hanks’ family is indeed a happy one.

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