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By TheBlast Staff on March 5, 2021 at 11:38 AM EST

Nikki Bella - Instagram

It's been seven months since Nikki Bella and her fiancé Artem Chigvintsev welcomed their son Matteo. For Bella fans, this was a dream come true because the former Divas Champion often expressed her desire to be a mom.

Her dream finally came true on July 31st, when Matteo made his arrival. The new mom can't stop gushing about her son, and shares adorable photos of her little man.

As for the possibility of Nikki and Artem adding to their family, the 37-year-old Birdiebee founder said she's thinking about it.

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Nikki's Past Quotes On Having More Children

Nikki Bella - Instagram

Previously, Nikki revealed that she was unsure of having more children. On a past episode of "The Bellas Podcast," Nikki said that although Artem wanted more kids, she was "one and done."

Nikki's pregnancy was far from easy. Early in the pregnancy, doctors worried that baby Matteo may have trouble with his heart. But a second check-up revealed the baby was fine.

Nikki then had to endure 22 hours of labor before delivering Matteo.Following Matteo's birth, Nikki struggled with postpartum depression, which caused issues in her and Artem's relationship.

With the help of therapy, Nikki and Artem are working on their problems.

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Debating On Having Another Baby

Nikki Bella - Instagram

Although, Nikki said one baby was enough, it appears she's changing her mind.Nikki revealed to US Weeklythat at the moment, she's debating on having another baby.

The "Total Bellas" star admits seeing sister Brie Bella's kids has made her consider the possibility of giving Matteo a sibling. As for Artem, the 38-year-old dancing pro is onboard with the idea of having another baby, and would love to have a girl.

Yet, plans for another baby may have to be on hold, while Nikki pursues her other goals first.

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WWE Return

Brie Bella - Instagram

Although, Nikki and Brie have been retired for some time, the twins recently said they're open for a WWE return.

The sisters have said they have one more run left in them. By the sound of it, they may be training for their return to the squared circle.

Nikki expressed her wish for her and Brie to win the women's tag titles, a championship that was reintroduced following their retirement. As for when the twins would make their comeback, Nikki said WrestleMania 38 would be her dream scenario.

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Wrestling Or Another Baby?

Nikki Bella - Instagram

Nikki admits that although she'd love to have another baby, she doesn't know when.The star wants to get back to wrestling, which may push back her plans for baby number two.

Although, she has no problem waiting, she realizes time is of the essence. "Ok, so I'm closer to 40. How's that going to be?" the new mom admitted. Nikki says that she has a lot she wants to do, but feels like she doesn't have enough time. However, when and if she decides to have another baby, she'll be fully prepared.

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