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Carmen Electra In String Bikini Shows Off Her Pineapples On Hawaii Beach

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By Evie Scott on July 11, 2024 at 8:30 AM EDT

Carmen Electra was all about the pineapple as she showed off her fit figure in a photo now kept alive on an Instagram fan account. In July 2020, a user uploaded a shot of Carmen in her iconic bikini look, also capturing the 52-year-old's appetite as she carried around a snack. Displaying her killer curves and a mean set of abs, Carmen stunned in a black string bikini, standing on golden beach sands and with her yogurt smoothie and its cute pineapple wedge finish. The Baywatch bombshell has revealed being a "superfood" junkie. Looks like she'd picked one of her favorite vitamin-packed foods!

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Carmen Electra Sizzles In Her Black String Bikini

Scroll for the photo. Shot candidly and smiling in a photo that dates back to 2013, Carmen enjoyed the island of Maui, clearly matching her island girl appetite to the setting. Standing amid others and beach loungers, the Ohio-born star went itty-bitty in a plunging, skimpy bikini with halter ties and low-rise briefs. Sizzling at 41, Carmen flaunted her toned legs and rippling torso, with the latter accentuated via a chic set of waist ties adding girly flourishes.

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Screwing up her face a little as she smiled and likely melted fans as a result, Carmen wore her blonde locks a little frazzled and down, sweeping them over to one side for a glam feel while highlighting her light eyes. All golden tan and showing off an elegant white manicure, the model used one hand to hold her fruity cocktail smoothie, one decorated with a purple flower petal and coming with a straw.

"Wowsa... 41... Amazing" was the leading comment when The Daily Mail published the shots, although compliments on Carmen Electra's appearance as she gets a little older have hardly ceased. The actress may be in her fifties, but her body says otherwise.

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Bikini Bombshell Goes Unbuttoned By The Shore

Fans loved this low-key snap from Carmen as she covered her bikini curves while still offering hints of her swimsuit body. Strolling along a shoreline in an unbuttoned green dress that flashed her black swimwear top, the blonde sizzled with her legs on display, throwing out the peace sign as she kept her energy fun.

Carmen Electra is now in the top 10% of OnlyFans earners as she keeps her '90s Baywatchappeal alive.

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'Nervous And Shy' Before 'Baywatch'

Electra has even opened up on the beach-set series also starring Pamela Anderson. She told Vulkan:

"I was very nervous and shy at the time and I just got into hosting. MTV was a huge learning experience for me and I got comfortable with the camera there. When I auditioned for Baywatch, I had to fill in for Pamela. I don’t believe I was replacing her but she did set the bar pretty high."

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