Andreea Dragoi strikes a pose for the camera at the beach.

Andreea Dragoi Heats Up Miami Swim Week Runway In Her Isty Bitsy Bikini

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By Alisan Duran on July 11, 2024 at 10:00 AM EDT

Andreea Dragoi, a standout college swimmer competing for San Jose State University, has made quite the impression on Instagram with her latest appearance!

Dragoi uploaded a sizzling video on Wednesday, showcasing her walk down the runway during Miami Swim Week in the tiniest bikini she wore during the event.

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Check Out Andreea Dragoi's Stunning Runway Walk

In the video, Dragoi struts confidently, displaying her impeccable modeling skills and athletic physique. The green two-piece swimsuit with white accents perfectly highlighted her tanned body, leaving the audience and her online followers in awe. The bikini's minimalist design emphasized her toned muscles and sun-kissed skin, making a bold fashion statement.

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Social Media Buzz

Fans couldn't contain their excitement and admiration, flooding the comments section with praise for the athlete-turned-model. The video quickly gained traction, with viewers raving about Dragoi's stunning appearance and confident runway presence.

Among the myriad of comments, one fan humorously remarked, "NO IT'S ANDREA WEEK NOT SWIM WEEK," playfully suggesting that Dragoi's presence had completely overshadowed the entire event.

Another follower noted, "Such a queeeen in @piuraswim wow," referring to the brand of the bikini Dragoi was wearing.

A third user expressed, "Obsessed with youuu," capturing the intense fascination and admiration that Dragoi's performance elicited.

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These notes collectively underscore the widespread appreciation and excitement that Dragoi's runway appearance generated, solidifying her status as a standout star of Miami Swim Week.

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Rising Star

Dragoi's ability to seamlessly transition from the swimming pool to the fashion runway has captivated many. Her participation in Miami Swim Week not only showcased her versatility but also solidified her status as a rising star in both the sports and fashion worlds. As she continues to make waves on social media, fans eagerly anticipate her next move, whether in the water or on the runway.

Dragoi's sizzling performance at Miami Swim Week is a testament to her multifaceted talent and undeniable charm, leaving a lasting impression on both the audience and her ever-growing fanbase.

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College Swimmer Turned Runway Sensation

Dragoi thrilled her followers by sharing two videos of her runway walk from last month's event. In the caption, she succinctly expressed her emotions with, "All the feels."

Infusing her post with self-assurance and empowerment, Dragoi declared, "Goddess energy."

Leaving Little To The Imagination

In a captivating display of style and confidence, the 21-year-old mesmerized her audience as she showcased two stunning looks on the runway. First, she strutted her stuff in a crocheted bikini, exuding both allure and sophistication. Her fans were left in awe of her beauty and poise, captivated by the intricate design and how effortlessly she wore it.

Transitioning seamlessly into a gold one-piece swimsuit, Dragoi continued to command attention. Her radiant presence and impeccable grace shone through, highlighting her versatility and ability to make each look uniquely her own. The shimmering gold complemented her tanned complexion, enhancing her overall glow and further solidifying her status as a runway sensation.

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