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Donald Trump Stakes $1 Million On 18-Hole Golf Challenge With Joe Biden

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By Afouda Bamidele on July 10, 2024 at 1:45 PM EDT
Updated on July 10, 2024 at 2:01 PM EDT

Donald Trump has taken a rather interesting approach to challenging President Joe Biden as they prepare to fight at the presidential polls.

The former president's golf challenge to POTUS comes days after his legal team filed a request for a delay in his sentencing. Last month, he was found guilty on all 34 counts of criminal charges.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden's June 27, 2024, presidential debate turned out to be about who plays golf best; now, the former president is ready to wager on it.

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Donald Trump Wants To Slug It Out With Joe Biden For $1 Million

Donald Trump Remarks at the White House Conference on American History

The businessman is walking the talk after he and Biden referenced golf at their debate last month. Trump made the challenge announcement at his Doral golf course in Miami on Tuesday.

Trump, who disclosed that he wanted to get into another debate with Biden after their June 27 encounter, poked fun at the president's swing and promised to donate $1 million to Biden's preferred charity if he loses the golf match.

Wondering why the former president is willing to dole out such a huge sum of money? Well, according to TMZ, Trump is confident he is winning and would give Biden 20 total strokes at the golf face-off, adding that:

"It will be among the most-watched sporting events in history, maybe bigger than the Ryder Cup or even the Masters."

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However, he feels Biden would reject the offer. Well, Trump was not far from the truth as Biden's team released a statement on Tuesday night declaring that the president does not have time for Trump's tantrums, adding:

"He's busy leading America and defending the free world. Donald Trump is a liar, a convict, and a fraud only out for himself – par for the course."

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The Former President Launched A Golf-Themed Attack Against Biden

Joe Biden remarks at the National Museum of African American History and Culture

The pair's encounter in their heated debate left a not-so-pleasant taste on Trump's tongue, and he expressed his displeasure by posting several edited clips of him humiliating the president on Instagram.

The Blast noted that the viral video circulating all over social media showed an edited clip of Trump hitting a golf ball that knocked Biden down. The actual footage was from a fall Biden suffered at the Air Force Academy.

Mixed opinions immediately trailed Trump's action as Instagram users flooded the comment section in their thousands, and one wrote: "That is not funny," while another added, "Does it make me a bad person that i have this on repeat and it gets funnier everytime."

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One more commenter declared, "Does Trump fear so bad to lose again, he must mock and insult old good-man. Respecting elder… This is not the behavior of president," as this user simply found, "Trump so funny."

The comment section has since been limited as it quickly became a hot spot for both sides of the political divide.

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What Really Went Down At The Presidential Debate

President Joe Biden speaking

The former president's decision to go the golf way can be traced to his love for the game. During the June 27 debate, the moderator quizzed Trump about their respective ages, and he used the sport as a metaphor to throw jabs at Biden.

Trump quickly stated that he had taken dozens of cognitive tests to prove his mental capability while suggesting that Biden should take an "easy" test. He added that he recently won two championships this year in the regular category, a feat Biden can not achieve, adding:

"He can't hit a ball 5o yards. He challenged me to a golf match... he can't hit a ball 50 yards."

Biden then countered Trump's golf claims, stating that he had managed to reduce his golf handicap to six during his time as vice president, adding that he might consider playing golf with Trump if he carries his own bag.

"I have seen your swing. I know your swing," declared Trump, who found it hard to believe Biden's claim of scoring a handicap.

The first debate between Trump and Biden ended with the former president scoring a significant victory among watchers who tuned in for the night.

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Trump's Sentencing Date Postponed

Donald Trump leaves Trump Tower

Trump might still have a chance to play with Biden should he change his mind. The politician's legal team successfully got the court to delay his sentencing until September, right after the Supreme Court's ruling on presidential immunity.

The Blast noted that the ruling stated that Trump can not be prosecuted for actions or decisions taken within his constitutional powers as a U.S. president.

This delay is a silver lining for Trump's campaign as it means he will lift the Republican banner as their 2024 presidential candidate at the upcoming Republican National Convention.

However, several opinions have emerged concerning the postponement and ruling, which may likely prevent Trump from being sentenced for falsifying business records to hide transactions between him and former adult film star Stormy Daniels.

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Donald Trump Alleges Judicial Rigging

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The former president described the guilty verdict passed on him last month to the press as a rigged decision fueled by President Biden's government to wound and hurt a political opponent.

He disclosed that the trial was stressful on his wife, Melania, who could not attend. While he is okay with going to jail, he is not sure the public would be pleased.

Trump termed the verdict a disgrace, promising to fight till the end and save America from a state of decline. The 78-year-old added:

"We are a nation in decline, serious decline of people pouring into our country right now. From prisons and from mental institutions…We have a country that's in big trouble, but this was a rigged decision right from day one, with a conflicted judge who should have never been allowed to try this case. Never!"

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