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Matt Damon Reportedly 'Distressed' As He Fears Ben Affleck's Marriage Woes Could Affect His Sobriety

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By Favour Adegoke on July 10, 2024 at 11:30 AM EDT

Concerns are reportedly mounting for Ben Affleck's health as his marriage to Jennifer Lopez continues to face challenges.

Sources close to the "Gone Girl" star revealed that his best friend, actor Matt Damon, is staging an intervention to support him amid fears that his marital issues could trigger a relapse into alcohol use.

On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez allegedly plans to seek half of Ben Affleck's $150 million fortune after realizing she was primarily responsible for their lavish lifestyle throughout their two-year marriage.

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Matt Damon Is Reportedly Worried About Ben Affleck

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck attend the red carpet of the movie 'The Last Duel' at the 78th Venice International Film Festival

Affleck's close pal Matt Damon is reportedly "distressed" and offering him a shoulder to lean on amid his marriage woes in an attempt to prevent him from relapsing into his past drinking habit.

An insider told Radar Online that Damon is worried about Affleck's health status and is rallying his close friends to stage an Intervention so that he doesn't fall off the wagon, as Lopez seems to be moving on without him.

"Matt wants those closest to Ben to remind him he is loved and supported — and better off without Jennifer," a source shared. "Everyone is rallying around Ben — including his ex, Jen Garner, and their kids, Violet, Fin, and Samuel. They're keeping him occupied by suggesting fun things to do."

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"Matt's been the influencer behind the scenes," the insider added. "Anything that will take Ben's mind off J Lo is a good thing."

The actor also appears to be trying to move past his estranged wife with those "fun things" as he was recently seen on a lunch date with his 18-year-old daughter, Violet, and took his son, Samuel, on a motorcycle ride around their Brentwood neighborhood.

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Matt Damon Fears Ben Affleck Could Resort To Drinking Again

Ben Affleck

Affleck first sparked drinking rumors when several sources claimed he had resorted to the bottle to cope with his marital troubles.

The 51-year-old actor has been open about his struggles with alcohol and gambling addiction in the past, with a source telling the Daily Mail that he's "at risk" of turning to his old ways. At the same time, another claimed that they've "seen him looking glassy-eyed, and it is a real worry to everyone who cares about him."

However, his "Good Will Hunting" co-star Damon will reportedly not sit and watch that happen, although he "believes Ben's marriage beat him down and pushed him to the edge of relapse from the very beginning."

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"He watched as Ben put his own projects and ambitions to the side to accommodate J Lo's massive ego," the insider told Radar Online. "Matt wants Ben's pals to convince him he'll be happier and more productive now that she's gone — and doesn't need to fall back on his old vices to get through this crisis!"

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Matt Damon 'Warned' Ben Affleck About Rekindling Romance With Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Premiere of 'The Last Duel' during the 78th Venice Film Festival at Palazzo del Cinema on the Lido in Venice, Italy,

A source told the Daily Mail that Damon warned the "Argo" actor against reigniting his romance with Lopez long before their 2022 marriage.

The insider claimed that Damon advised Affleck to "focus on his work" so he doesn't lose sight of his goals and become a shadow of himself.

"Matt tried to warn Ben when he got back together with JLo that this could happen," an insider revealed. "Matt was there to help Ben get it together after their first split and he felt like this would happen again."

The insider further disclosed that Affleck holds Damon's advice in high esteem, especially because of his successful 18-year marriage to his wife, Luciana Barroso.

"Matt has had a successful marriage for years and Ben has always been in awe of this," they added. "Ben spent so much time focusing on JLo's projects just like he did the first time around. He told Ben, 'What has she ever done for your career?'"

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The Singer Allegedly Wants Half Of Her Husband's Fortune

Jennifer Lopez and husband Ben Affleck arrive at the World Premiere Of Amazon Studios' 'Air'

New reports suggest the "Let's Get Loud " singer wants Affleck to part with half his $150 million fortune after realizing he "mooched" so much money off her during their two-year marriage.

A source told Radar Online that Lopez was mostly responsible for the financial cost of their lavish lifestyle as the "Batman" actor "always grumbled about spending money."

In a bid to prevent him from complaining about her spending habits, she allegedly took responsibility for their cost of living but now wants him to pay her back even though she's richer with an estimated $400 million fortune.

"One of the little-known secrets is Jennifer paid for much of their marital expenses and now she feels he owes her," the source said. "She's adding up all those private jet bills she puts on her plastic, the hotels, and meals, clothes, coffee runs, gas. The high cost of living was done on her dime. She paid the lion's share for that $60 million mansion they bought, too."

"Ben took so much money out of her, at least that's what she's saying," they added.

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Jennifer Lopez Feels 'Burned Out' By The Relationship

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are in Paris with kids

The tipster also shared that Lopez is not to blame for their divorce and that the "Ain't Your Mama" singer might have just let things slide if he'd stayed put, but her eyes are now open, and she's "demanding a full inventory of what she spent versus what he spent and wants all the money back."

"She isn't the one who gave up on their marriage and she's feeling seriously burned and is out for blood," the insider told the news outlet, adding that if Affleck had stayed in the marriage, Lopez wouldn't have "minded."

"But he abandoned her and ultimately, Jennifer always gets payback and now she's ready to play hardball," the source shared.

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