Jonathan Majors' and GF Meagan Good

Why Meagan Good Is 'Proud' Of Her Relationship With Jonathan Majors Despite His Legal Troubles

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By Favour Adegoke on July 9, 2024 at 5:15 PM EDT
Updated on July 9, 2024 at 5:15 PM EDT

Meagan Good has faced her fair share of scrutiny in recent months, particularly about her relationship with embattled actor Jonathan Majors.

The actress has now defended her decision to date Majors, attributing it to her confidence in God despite her friends and loved ones' warnings.

Meagan Good also weighed in on the "support" she and Jonathan Majors have given each other in the last year of their relationship, which she described as "wonderful."

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Meagan Good Defends Relationship With Jonathan Majors

Jonathan Majors' and GF Meagan Good

The 42-year-old actress was a guest on Tuesday's episode of "Today with Hoda and Jenna," where she stood behind her decision to enter into a relationship with the "Creed 3" actor despite the controversy that surrounded him at the time.

On the show, co-host Hoda Kotb asked if any of her friends suggested that she wait "to see how everything kinda shakes out" with Majors' assault trial before going all in with him.

"Uh, yeah every friend advised me, but at the end of the day, one thing I know is I can always look at myself in the mirror when I trust my spirit, when I trust God, when I ask God, and when I move to the beat of my own drum," she explained, per Page Six.

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Good, however, clarified that she takes the "opinion and advice" of everyone she loves "into account for sure," but she has to "live [her] life."

"I can always look and say, 'OK, I'm proud of that.' No matter whatever happens, I have peace in my heart, and I have harmony in my heart," she added.

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Things Have Been 'Wonderful' For Meagan Good And Jonathan Majors

Meagan Good at The 13th Annual AAFCA Awards in Los Angeles

The "Think Like A Man" actress showed just how much of a supportive partner she is as she was a constant sighting in court all through Majors' legal troubles.

She explained that she is the only one who can "give God an account of what I did, and so I wanna be responsible for the choices that I make, and I also wanna live the life that I wanna live."

Elsewhere in her appearance on the show, she opened up about what the last year of their relationship has been like despite the challenges they've faced.

Good shared that the last year has been a "wonderful" one for them, describing how supportive they've been of each other.

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"The support we've been able to give each other, the pouring into each other, the honest conversations, the love, the respect, just the care, and the thoughtfulness, it's just been really wonderful," she gushed.

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Jonathan Majors And Meagan Good Shared Public Kiss

Jonathan Majors' and GF Meagan Good

The couple is seemingly not shy of getting touchy in public, as they engaged in heavy PDA while attending the premier of Tyler Perry's new film, "Divorce In The Black," in New York on Monday.

Good and Majors were seen blushing as they shared a steamy kiss on the red carpet. Majors kept his appearance simple with a black cardigan worn over a blue button-up and black slacks.

On the other hand, Good looked chic in a baby blue dress with a large cutout along the midriff, showing off her toned abs. She completed the look with strappy heels and glittering earrings.

When asked about the secret to her sculpted figure, she credited her boyfriend, saying, "Mr. Majors! He works out very, very hard."

"That's the added benefit of someone who is consistent. It has changed my life and my physique," she added, per ExtraTV.

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Jonathan Majors Was Honored With The 'Perseverance Award'

Jonathan Majors Arrives To Criminal Court in NYC on December 4, 2023

Good was in the company of the "Ant-Man" actor as he was honored with the Perseverance Award at the 2024 Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards last month.

According to reports, Majors couldn't hold back his tears as he took to the stage to accept the award.

The embattled actor delivered a touching acceptance speech, much to the positive reception of other A-list stars, including Tiffany Haddish, Cardi B, and Sharon Stone.

"I'm imperfect. I have shortcomings — I acknowledge them," he said, fighting back tears.

Jonathan Majors Talks About The Meaning Of 'Perseverance'

Jonathan Majors Exits Criminal Court in NYC on December 8, 2023

During his speech, the 34-year-old actor defined "perseverance" as "persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay" before noting that "the God I serve has put me in a position where I've had to embody that word more than I wished or wanted."

Majors went further to highlight how men, particularly black men, are portrayed as superheroes or supervillains, but he came to realize that "I ain't none of that."

"I'm just that guy whose faith has been tested. It has been strengthened by this testimony," he added.

Majors then thanked the other entertainers in the crowd, as well as his girlfriend, Good, before leaving the stage to a rousing applause.

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