Nick Carter Demands $2,350,000 For Defamation From Sexual Assault Accusers

Nick Carter's Move To Put Sexual Assault Lawsuit On Hold Slammed By Accuser

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By Afouda Bamidele on July 9, 2024 at 3:30 PM EDT

Nick Carter's sexual assault lawsuits won't end without a fight, as one of his accusers is against the case's suspension.

The Backstreet Boys alum attempted to put his battle with Melissa Schuman on hold while tackling another case. However, the alleged victim bashed his actions as a ploy to escape judgment.

As stated, this isn't the first sexual assault Nick Carter has faced, with his image taking a beating in 2022 after Shannon Ruth alleged he assaulted her when she was 17.

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Nick Carter Accused Of Dodging Sexual Assault Allegations

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Carter's team recently filed a response to Schuman's claims over his attempt to put their case on hold. The alleged victim claimed his actions were "another procedural tactic to delay his requirement to respond to [the] allegations in a court of law."

However, the singer's team refuted her accusations, stressing that his request to pause the case was made on legitimate grounds. They argued that he wanted to focus on his Nevada defamation lawsuit against Shannon Ruth.

Carter's attorneys noted they needed to resolve that case before tackling Schuman's allegations. "Both lawsuits will be dispositively resolved when Carter establishes the falsity of Schuman and Ruths' frivolous claims," the legal team said, per RadarOnline.

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Melissa Schuman's Team Slams Carter's Reasons To Hold Their Case

According to the singer's legal reps, the details from each case were "identical," and "Carter's alleged assault of Ruth and Schuman are germane to both" lawsuits. However, Schuman's team disagreed, arguing that the allegations weren't similar.

Schuman's reps stressed that Carter "ignores the many women who have accused him of sexual assaults that occurred before and after Schuman's assault in 2003." Their opposition continued:

"Defendant Carter's argument tying the Nevada case to this case hinges on his false premise that Shannon Ruth is the only other survivor who has accused Defendant Carter of sexual assault."

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"Requiring Schuman to wait until the Nevada case is over before she is allowed to litigate this case, as Defendants request, would perpetuate delay, harming [her] right to pursue her claims here," Schuman's lawyers argued.

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Carter's Lawyers Slam Schuman For 'False Allegations'

Following Schuman's opposition to pausing the assault case, Carter's team clapped back in a heated response. They accused her of trying to "mislead and confuse the court" with statements they described as "disingenuous and deliberately misleading."

Carter's reps also slammed Schuman as one of the contributing factors in his defamation lawsuit against Ruth, claiming:

"Schuman intentionally ignores the fact that the conspiracy and defamation claims asserted by Carter in the Nevada Lawsuit arise from Schuman's false allegations of sexual assault, the very same claims that form the basis of her Complaint."

Despite Schuman and Carter's feelings, it is up to a judge to decide whether the assault case would proceed. Their fates shall be decided at a hearing for the suspension motion on July 10.

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Inside Carter's Defamation Lawsuit Against His Accusers

In January, The Blast obtained legal documents that revealed Carter was suing a group of women for defaming him with sexual assault allegations. The list included Ruth, Schuman, Jerome Schuman, A.R., and Doe @ElaineMoo Twitter Account Holder.

According to Carter, these women were spreading lies against him, attempting to destroy his image and "extort" money. He vehemently denied the allegations against him, with his documents arguing:

"Ruth and A.R.s' lawsuits are the culmination of an approximate five-year conspiracy orchestrated by Co-Conspirators to harass, defame, and extort Carter."

"The campaign was launched and bolstered by the #MeToo movement," the filing claimed. The documents blamed Schuman for instigating the smear campaign, noting she posted a "salacious blog entry" in November 2017.

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Nick Carter Believes Schuman Orchestrated The Defamation Scheme

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According to Carter's documents, after Schuman accused him of sexually assaulting her in the 2017 post, she recruited Ruth and A.R. into her defamation scheme. She and another defendant, Jerome Schuman, allegedly groomed and coached Ruth.

The pair, per Carter's claims, convinced Ruth to escalate her story from being bullied and physically harmed by him to being sexually assaulted. He claimed they did so to extort money from him through civil attorneys.

However, these attorneys allegedly dropped the case after re-examining Schuman's group's allegations and evidence that showed inconsistencies in their stories. The alleged victims, per the documents, also roped the late Aaron Carter into their schemes.

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