Nicole Kidman (let) and Joey King (right) at A Family Affair World Premiere

Joey King Reveals Nicole Kidman's 'Epic, Awful Butt Workout'

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on July 9, 2024 at 2:30 PM EDT

Joey King is learning a thing or two from her new costar, Nicole Kidman.

The actress, who is currently promoting their new Netflix film "A Family Affair," recently appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" where she chatted with the host about her connection with Kidman.

In fact, Nicole Kidman shared her butt workout with Joey King, who claims it is "epic" and "awful" at the same time.

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What Does Nicole Kidman's Butt Workout Consist Of?

Joey King at A Family Affair World Premiere

The 24-year-old stepped up her fitness game thanks to Kidman, who apparently has an "intense" workout to build the glute muscles.

"She taught me the most epic, awful butt workout I've ever learned in my life. It was so intense," King told Jimmy Fallon. "I was like, 'I'm a youngster. I can hang. I'm young, and I'm agile' — I thought I could hang, but I couldn't hang."

The butt workout included “all these donkey kicks and the rainbows and the fire hydrants," but the hardest part is “you have to keep your leg in the air for, like, 12 years. It's so hard," King added.

While it is a tough exercise routine, King says she still does it to this day. “I do it still … I send [Kidman] photos when I do it I’m like, ‘Call the ambulance, love you!’ ” she said with a chuckle.

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Opening Up About 'A Family Affair'

Cast Of A Family Affair at Los Angeles Premiere

"A Family Affair" is a 2024 romantic comedy that follows Zara, a 24-year-old personal assistant to Chris Cole who can't stand him, Chris Cole, a self-absorbed Hollywood star who doesn't take Zara seriously, and Brooke Harwood, a successful writer who falls for Chris. The film stars Joey King as Zara, Nicole Kidman as Brooke, and Zac Efron as Cole.

When talking about the film, King explained Zara and Chris's "interesting relationship when we first meet them."

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"It's tense, but also full of love. It's like a family kind of relationship. They hate each other, but they'd do anything for each other," she told MovieFone of her and Efron's characters. "When Brooke comes into the mix and starts dating Chris, it's like everything that was just bubbling under the surface for Zara and Chris, and the tension they had, just explodes to the surface. Zara just cannot handle how this man is ruining her life, in more ways than one. She's employed by him, and now he's dating her mom!"

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Joey King Talks About Working With Nicole Kidman

Joey King, Nicole Kidman, and Zac Efron at A Family Affair World Premiere

When talking about the movie, Joey King reflected on what it was like working with the one and only Nicole Kidman.

"Working with Nicole is just, I mean she's so fantastic," King told MovieFone. "It's hard to encapsulate what an angel she is in terms of just how I admire her. Also, just becoming friendly with her. She's just truly so special."

"I’m so lucky to work with her and Zac, they're both fantastic," she added of her other costar, Zac Efron.

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How Does The Actress Relate To Her Character In 'A Family Affair'

Joey King and Zac Efron at A Family Affair World Premiere

When speaking with ScreenRant, Joey King opened up about connecting to her character, Zara, explaining that she "sees so much of [herself] in Zara."

"I am a hustler myself. I've been working for such a long time and I know what it feels like to have this ambition and to have these dreams and to have people not listen to you," King added.

"And so I can really relate to Zara in the way where she's just trying to make her voice heard, but also she's still a bit young and naive. She doesn't know the best ways to go about making her voice heard."

Zac Efron And Joey King's Characters Have A 'Funny Relationship' In The Movie

Joey King and Zac Efron at A Family Affair World Premiere

The "High School Musical" actor and the "Conjuring" actress both opened up about their character's relationship in the Netflix film and how "funny" yet "trusting" it is.

"I think when we first meet Zara and Chris, they've been working together for a while now and they have this funny relationship where they just get on each other's nerves so much, but also they do anything for each other," King said of her and Efron's characters. "Well, Zara would do anything for Chris."

"It's a deeply trusting kind of relationship," Efron added.

"A Family Affair" is currently streaming on Netflix.

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