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Kesha Has A Message For Body Shamers: 'Hate Me Harder'

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By Afouda Bamidele on July 8, 2024 at 11:30 AM EDT

Kesha is the epitome of self-confidence; she is a woman so secure about her body that criticisms empower her.

The "Tik Tok" hitmaker recently clapped back at body shamers with a sexy diss. She dropped tantalizing pictures to show haters they can talk, but their words are nothing more than background noise.

This isn't the first time Kesha has confidently bared her body on social media and even went without clothes once to promote her new music.

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Kesha Celebrates Her Body To Critics' Dismay

Kesha arrives at her new exhibition in Los Angeles on the eve of the release for her new album ‘Gag Order’

On Sunday, Kesha updated her Instagram page with two shots of her in a tiny black bathing suit. The first image captured her posing at the beach, with the setting sun in the distance and waves framing the background.

She lay on the sand with her back slightly arched, drawing attention to the tattoo on her ribcage and irresistible curves. Body shamers may need to check their eyes as Kesha looked breathtaking, like a mermaid washed ashore.

Next came a picture of her on a balcony with a view of a resort behind her as she posed in a white robe and a baseball cap. Underneath the outfit was her black bathing suit, which left little to the imagination with its itty-bitty string design.

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Kesha Tells Body Shamers To 'Hate Me Harder'


Although she looked ravishing in the images, Kesha revealed her body wasn't everyone's cup of tea in the post's caption. She penned a short message to body shamers, assuring them that their criticisms about her body could never overshadow her self-love and confidence.

"I didn't think in 2024 people still body shamed, but I am so proud of my body, she's been through a lot. She's torn her ACL on stage and finished the show, she's held my fucking broken heart together," the singer-songwriter began, adding:

"To those who think you're shaming me, you're actually making me feel very powerful. So, to you, I hope you one day feel whole enough to not tear other women down, in the meantime, hate me harder b-tch :)."

Those photos can be seen here.

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The Singer's Words Ignite A Storm Of Positive Comments

Kesha's message to body shamers received over 100k likes and thousands of supportive comments from fans and celebrities. Fellow singer Betty Who declared: "F—K YES YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS!!!!" While A-list makeup artist Jill Powell penned:

"You are beautiful!!! Beautiful person, beautiful body and beautiful soul. Haters gonna hate because they are jealous. You are a light in this world. Keep shining bright!!"

One fan echoed similar sentiments, writing, "Sadly, some people are never gonna learn to mind their own business. It's sad, really. Keep slaying!" Another supporter chimed, "HATE ME HARDER is one of my anthems. I love you so much, Kesha."

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Kesha Announces New Music Since Leaving Her Former Label

Four months before her clap-back at body shamers, The Blast reported that Kesha made a spectacular return to music after splitting from her former label and management company. In March, she teased fans with a new sound, going without clothes in an ethereal-themed video.

The clip was set to a soothing and celestial sound, with Kesha emerging from the woods like a nymph. She gave off a blinding glow with orange lights bouncing off her flawless skin while her sweet voice echoed in the background, singing: "I've been waiting for you. Everything's changed now."

The singer walked over to a babbling brook before seductively removing her white satin nightgown to flaunt her voluptuous body. Like a true nymph, she frolicked in the water as the sun set and covered her in darkness.

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Kesha Was Excited To Own Her Voice After 19 Years

Kesha at Studio 666 Los Angeles Premiere

Kesha captioned the ethereal teaser with a link to a new website, There, fans were treated to a large cover image of her back as she posed in a forest at night with her bare skin glowing in the warmth of a fire.

The words "Kesha Is Waiting For You" spun in a circle above her outstretched arms like a halo. The video came hours after the singer teased fans about her new music on X, writing: "First day I've owned my voice in 19 years. Welcome."

Naturally, her words excited fans, with many happily celebrating Kesha's return. The music streaming platform Spotify led the comments with the tweet, "LOVE THIS SO EXCITED." Another sweet comment read: "Freedom looks AMAZING on you!"

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