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Elizabeth Hurley 'Stunning' In Strapless Bikini With Proof She Doesn't 'Age'

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By Evie Scott on July 6, 2024 at 4:00 PM EDT

Elizabeth Hurley had fans in a chokehold as she stripped down to a stylish black bikini last month. Posing by ocean waters for another reminder of her jaw-dropping figure, the 59-year-old had Instagram gasping at just how young she looks, with comments immediately mentioning her age-defying appearance. Liz, who eats healthy and bakes a loaf of her own bread every day, showcased her impossibly toned muscles and famous curves from The Maldives, tagging both the luxury resort hosting her and her best-selling Elizabeth Hurley Beach swimwear brand. The Netflix star has now earned over 110,000 likes for her share, even nabbing one from German supermodel Heidi Klum.

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Elizabeth Hurley Drops Jaws In Bikini At 59

Scroll for the photo. Reaching her arms up above her head and folding one, Liz smiled for the camera as she flaunted her fierce cleavage and taut stomach in an elegant two-piece. Sticking to a classic shade of black, the blue-eyed beauty rocked a bandeau-style top with a bust knot and ruched fabrics, going skintight and low-cut as she tastefully highlighted her curves.

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All itty-bitty briefs as she flashed her long legs and hip definition, Elizabeth Hurley looked closer to 40 as she posed from a rocky shorefront and amid greenery, sending out a gorgeous smile and barely showing a wrinkle.

Keeping glam with matte foundation and a light layer of blush, Liz won fans over with her charm, wearing her long locks down and sending out a carefree, happy energy. In a caption, the swimwear designer wrote: "New bikini anyone? 25% off all bikinis - including those in Special Offers- at @elizabethhurleybeach." This is one celebrity who rarely, if ever, lands herself plastic surgery allegations. Fans quite simply can't understand how Liz looks so good for her age.

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Told She Looked 'The Same 27 Years Ago'

Gaining likes, one fan exclaimed: "OMG Liz! How do you manage to look better and better, the older you get? You look amazing…" Agreeing, another wrote: "Always beautiful! Never age, great body, lovely smile," with a further fan deeming her "stunning."

The British beauty had updated her feed with the above no-pants look in late June — big surprise, it was the same deal in the comments. Friend and author Sandy Linter quickly jumped into the comments, writing: "Wow I have pictures of you, looking exactly the same, 27 years ago."

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Revealing Her Bikini Body Secrets

In early 2024, Elizabeth Hurley bypassed the whole rumors and wondering thing by getting right down to business. In a candid Instagram share accompanying a jaw-dropping swimsuit photo, the actress revealed her "motto," stating that she tries not to eat "too much" or "too often."

"Or, put another way, eat smaller meals, chew properly, ban snacking and eat dinner earlier," she continued. The leggy beauty also confirmed limiting "junk food" and balancing out sandwiches with an apple.

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