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By Melanie VanDerveer on July 6, 2024 at 2:45 PM EDT

While many people are debating what Donald Trump and President Joe Biden bring to the table for the United States, there's one person who's going deeper to learn more about each of them.

Blogger and TikTok content creator Bennett Rae is sharing another view for voters to ponder - the foods that occupy both Biden's and Trump's diets. And while it may not shock you, it's an interesting and less serious view of the two.

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Bennett Rae Shares Biden's And Trump's Daily Diets On TikTok

Bennett Rae
TikTok | Cookin' with Congress

Rae, known for his TikTok videos sharing politician's food choices and recipes, recently shared a view of what Trump eats in a day. And not only did he share what he eats in a day, but he also adopted that diet for an entire day for the sake of his art.

"I'm eating like the president for an entire day, and today, it's Donald Trump. Trump prefers to skip breakfast when he can, and he's not a coffee or tea drinker. Diet Coke is his drink of choice," he said as he cracked open a can of Diet Coke. "He had a Diet Coke button installed in the White House, which sometimes supplied him 12 cans per day."

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Rae "clocked in at seven mini-cans" the day he adopted Trump's diet. He then shared that for snacks, Trump prefers Doritos or Lay's chips, and it always needs to be a fresh bag because he's a "germaphobe."

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'More Diet Coke, Obviously'

After some more Diet Coke, Rae moved on to lunch.

"Lunch is Trump's famous well-done steak with ketchup, cooked until it curls off the plate, just as a White House chef said he liked it," he said. "Plus a classic old-school side salad with Roquefort dressing. Though, sometimes Trump skips lunch too in favor of a massive dinner."

Rae revealed that Trump "prefers fast food joints" because of his germaphobia and the liability associated with those restaurants.

"The bigger the corporation, the less likely it is that they can serve a tainted hamburger and get away with it in his eyes," Rae continued. "His go-to meal from McDonald's, two Big Macs, two filet-o-fish sandwiches, and a small chocolate shake."

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Rae said he "definitely hit my sodium goals for the day," and then shared how he physically felt after a full day of eating like Trump.

"My taste buds are pretty happy. My stomach was a little upset a few times. I'm pretty scared about tomorrow morning," he shared. "I kinda can't tell whether I feel like playing tackle football or fighting a cop or just kinda like lying down in darkness. And I can't do Diet Coke for like a year."

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Bennett Rae Shared What Joe Biden Eats In A Day In Another TikTok Video

Bennett Rae on TikTok
TikTok | Cookin' with Congress

In another recently shared TikTok video, Rae spent an entire day eating all the things Biden eats in a day.

"I'm eating like the president for an entire day, and today it's Joe Biden. For breakfast, Biden keeps it simple with a bowl of Special K," he said. "His go-to drink is orange Gatorade."

He said that Biden snacks on protein bars and Fig Newtons during the day and for lunch, he has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

"Dinner is angel hair pasta, which is the most unlikable of pastas cause it's basically just edible dental floss," he continued. "Biden loves it so much he actually contractually required it to be served at certain stops on the 2020 campaign trail."

He then added that for his end-of-the-day snack, Biden enjoys vanilla chocolate chip ice cream from Haagen Dazs.

How Is Bennett Rae Feeling After Eating Like Biden All Day?

After eating like Biden for an entire day, how was Rae feeling?

"Like a bored 8-year-old," he said with a somber tone.

Many viewers of his video had something to say about his interesting experience. Some argued that angel hair pasta is the best pasta and others talked about the affordability of Biden's daily diet.

One viewer pointed out what was missing by saying, "Needs protein." Rae responded, "The man loves carbs. Protein is coming big time with the next in this series."

Another viewer said, "How dare you slander angel hair pasta like that." One other added, "Angel hair pasta is the elite pasta."

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Recreating Politicians' Recipes And Sharing Them On TikTok

In a video shared a few months ago, Rae talks a little about what he's doing on TikTok.

"Did you know there are thousands of recipes from politicians out there in the world? Whether it's the stuff that they ate and enjoyed or those things that they actually invented," he said. "I've collected almost all of them. And that's what I do on here. I recreate these recipes. I taste them."

He then shared that a lot of the recipes he tries are "disgusting."

One viewer asked if he could possibly share a "good" recipe. Others shared that maybe the bad food choices are the reasons many politicians made some bad decisions.

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