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Comedian Tony Knight Dies After 'Freak Accident' Involving Tree Branches At French Music Festival

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By Favour Adegoke on July 5, 2024 at 7:45 PM EDT

Tony Knight, a UK comedian, tragically died after being struck by falling tree branches at the Rock&Cars festival in Lavaur, France. The accident occurred in fair weather and injured four others.

Knight was in France for his annual visit to family and friends. Renowned for his comedy and expertise in dog behavior, he was set to tour the UK and Australia with his show "Mad Dogs and an Englishman."

Fans and family have shared heartfelt tributes to Tony Knight since his passing, recalling his passion and charisma.

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Tony Knight, UK Comedian, Killed By Falling Tree Branch At French Festival

On June 7, Knight passed away after a "terrible accident" involving a tree branch. A French media outlet reported that two branches fell from a large tree, causing the comedian's fatal injuries while attending the Rock&Cars festival in Lavaur, France.

The accident occurred amid fair weather conditions, and there were no signs of wind or a storm.

"Many witnesses present at 6 p.m. recount the sound of the branches cracking and the screams and then the arrival of help," the publication shared, per People Magazine. "Many say they were shocked to have witnessed this scene, and some explain that they had been sitting at the site of the accident a few minutes before."

Four other attendees at the Rock&Cars festival were also injured, but Knight was the sole fatality from the unfortunate accident.

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Tony Knight's Family Speaks On His Untimely Passing

Tony Knight
Instagram | Tony Knight

According to a GoFundMe set up by his family, Knight was en route to the south of France at the time of his untimely passing, where his family and friends eagerly anticipated his "annual return."

"Tony had been in France only a few days before he lost his life attending a festival with his friend Pascall and never made it home," the family wrote.

They continued: "He was only 54 and having the time of his life. He was fit, healthy, happy, and had everything going for him."

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Tony Knights Family Remember Him As A 'Charismatic' And 'Passionate' Person

In their tribute, the family noted how "charismatic, funny, passionate" Knight was, adding that he was "so very loved by Hayley [his partner], his family, and his friends all over the world."

The GoFundMe page highlighted his deep love for dogs and his commitment to helping people worldwide. In addition to his comedy career, Knight was renowned for his expertise in training dogs with behavioral issues.

He frequently appeared on radio and television and conducted classes to share his knowledge and passion.

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Fans And Family Pay Tribute To Late Comedian Tony Knight On Instagram

Tony Knight
Instagram | Tony Knight

One of his family members wrote on Instagram that he wanted to thank everyone who had reached out after the news of Tony's passing.

The family member said that he loved hearing stories about Tony, and it reinforced what a truly amazing, talented man he was.

Fans also paid tribute in the comments. One wrote, "I know how Tony has taught us all without dogs in everyday life, thinking gratefully that he did show us how and why of his teaching. Thoughts and prayers are with you and Tony's family."

Another added, "Rest peacefully; you will be missed and never forgotten."

A third person said, "The stories and messages about Tony on your posts are so inspiring."

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Tony Knight Was Preparing For A UK Comedy Tour

Before his tragic passing, Knight was preparing for a comedy tour in the UK, and he had been scheduled to perform his stand-up show, "Mad Dogs and an Englishman," in venues across Australia and the UK, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The show was advertised as "the world's first-ever comedy show about dog behavior."

Knight, who had lived in Beaufort, Victoria, for four years, also recently performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Knight's sister-in-law, Joanne Allen, described how he had just begun living his dream life in a quaint French town, working with dogs and traveling the world. She remarked, "If he had a thought, he never believed he couldn't do it and just went for it."

Allen also shared fond memories of Knight as the family larrikin during Christmas, often stirring up the England vs Australia rivalry in backyard cricket.

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