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Ex 'Howard Stern Show' Writer Elisa Jordana To Take Mental Health Evaluation After Hitting Boyfriend

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By Favour Adegoke on July 5, 2024 at 11:45 AM EDT

Elisa Jordana, a former "Howard Stern Show" writer, pleaded guilty to battery charges after hitting her boyfriend, Bahram Alipour, during a viral YouTube livestream.

The incident, which occurred during a livestream titled "Not Doing Good," involved a physical altercation while driving.

Elisa Jordana has since expressed regret for her actions and vowed to foster healthier relationships and improve her well-being.

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Elisa Jordana Accepts Plea Deal After Battery Arrest For Hitting Her Boyfriend During A Livestream

Mugshot of Influencer Elisa Jordana after being arrested in Florida after assaulting her boyfriend on Youtube livestream.

Jordana, after admitting to battery charges and taking a plea deal, is now required to undergo a mental health evaluation due to an incident where she hit her then-boyfriend Bahram Alipour during a YouTube livestream.

Under the terms of the plea deal agreement, which she accepted in May, Jordana will serve 12 months of probation, complete 45 hours of community service, and attend 12 hours of anger management classes. Additionally, according to documents obtained by Page Six, she must pay a small fine.

The plea deal also stipulates that Jordana must comply with any treatment recommendations resulting from her mental health evaluation. If all conditions of the agreement are fulfilled, the YouTuber could seek early termination of her probation after six months.

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In an interview with the New York Post, Jordana described the incident, which has since gone viral with over  220,000 views, as "the second worst day" of her life, "besides losing" her dog Kermit. She lamented, "I lost everything in a day."

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Elisa Jordana's Livestream Turned Violent In Heated Confrontation With Then-Boyfriend, Bahram Alipour

The dramatic incident unfolded when Jordana was filming a live stream titled "Not Doing Good" while driving in Palm Beach, Florida, with Alipour.

During the livestream, a tearful Jordana accused her boyfriend, Alipour, of sending thousands of dollars to another woman.

The situation escalated when Jordana invited Alipour's alleged mistress, Sara, into the livestream, threatening to post her nude photos while Sara pleaded with her not to.

Alipour, seated in the passenger seat, began to interject, prompting Jordana to hit him in the arm. The "Queen of IRL Livestreaming" continued to film herself hitting Alipour several more times, and when he interjected, saying: "Sara, I'm sorry about this," she slapped him in the face, shouting, "Don't f-cking talk!"

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Alipour responded by saying, "She just, like, almost broke my nose," and added, "F-ck you, c-nt."

He then warned her not to touch him again or else he would "deck" her; however, Jordana proceeded to hit him again, prompting Alipour to grab her hair, yank her, and hit her across the face while demanding she pull over.

The confrontation ended with Alipour forcing Jordana out of the car, causing her to run toward a vehicle that stopped to help her. Alipour then got into the driver's seat and stopped the livestream.

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Fans React To Elisa Jordana's Viral Battery Incident

Elisa Jordana
Instagram | Elisa Jordana

In the comments section of the viral YouTube clip, fans criticized Jordana's behavior, with one commenting, "You see how she went full victim the moment he had enough? This woman is a trip."

Another person wrote, "She abused him all day. He was protecting himself in self-defense; she was attacking him even in the couple therapist room."

However, some viewers blamed Jordana and Alipour for being equally abusive.

"Two absolute pieces of garbage. I can see how they ended up together. They're both so fucking toxic. These two both need to be neutered and thrown in prison indefinitely," one user wrote.

Another commented: "I can't believe this exists. This was so hard to watch and very dangerous, especially fighting behind the wheel. She hits him and he acts in self-defense and before that, she threatens to spend his money and credit cards and also expose his driver's license on stream. He's not a good guy either. He did cheat on her. This is a case of mutual abuse on both sides."

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Elisa Jordana Expresses Regret Over The Shocking Altercation

Elisa Jordana
Instagram | Elisa Jordana

Following the altercation, Jordana was arrested by Palm Beach Sheriff's deputies and charged with felony battery.

In a statement to the Daily Mail, Jordana expressed regret for the incident, saying, "I just want to say I'm so sorry for what I portrayed on my livestream that everyone saw."

She continued, "This is not what I want to give to the world, and it sucks that I got into such sadness and anger — it was a really negative representation of who I am."

The YouTuber Vowed To Have 'Better Relationships'

Elisa Jordana
Instagram | Elisa Jordana

She vowed to work on fostering healthier relationships, stating, "I'm going to do everything I can to have better relationships with people that are good for me and people that I'm also good for."

Reflecting on her challenging circumstances, she added, "If I can get through this time, I will definitely be proud."

Jordana also mentioned feeling relieved that the livestream had been active during the altercation, as she feared her ex-fiancé might have caused her further harm otherwise.

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