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Carrie Underwood In Glitter Shorts Told Muscular Legs 'Disturbing'

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By Evie Scott on July 4, 2024 at 3:00 PM EDT

Carrie Underwood received mixed feedback as she showed off her impossibly toned legs for a football-themed Instagram photo last summer. Posting in August 2023, the 40-year-old country singer reminded fans just why she's running a fitness empire, but for some, she'd packed on a little too much muscle. Sizzling in a sparkly, one-legged jumpsuit with a leggy shorts finish on one side, Carrie flaunted her sculpted thighs and toned calves in heels, but remarks suggesting she's over-built manifested on her Instagram and beyond. When users on The Daily Mail saw the snap, they deemed the artist' "bodybuilder" legs to be unappealing. One fan even called Carrie's legs "disturbing."

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Carrie Underwood Shows Off Killer Legs

Scroll for the photo. Standing square in front of the camera as she placed her hands to her hips, Carrie sent out a confident smile while drawing the eye to her gym-honed figure.

Going sheer at the sleeves as she rocked a gun-metal one-piece covered in glittery metallic embellishments, the "Before He Cheats" hitmaker went one-shouldered as she flashed her bulging biceps and defined shoulder muscles, with fans also seeing hints of her toned tummy as the see-through fabrics extended down to her waist.

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Wearing sparkly black booties that fed into the pants on one side of her jumpsuit, Carrie definitely made a case for the toned legs look, one she's been championing for years as fans deem her to have the best legs in country. Posting jointly with Saturday Night Football, Carrie wrote: "The wait is almost over! Carrie Underwood will star in the open for Sunday Night Football for the 11th consecutive season beginning 9/10 on NBC and Peacock."

The post has now topped 120,000 likes.

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'Body Builder' Legs Are Freaking Fans Out

While one fan said: "No to the muscular legs" on The Daily Mail, another wrote: "She needs to skip leg day. Way too muscular." Carrie Underwood, whose legs are behind much of the marketing for her popular Fit52 workout app, was even told: "Unless you are actually a bodybuilder, I don't know why any woman would want such gigantic thighs." Over 40 fans agreed with a reply reading: "That leg flex is disturbing."

Unfortunately for Carrie, negativity also manifested from her own followers on Instagram, although some did come in to defend her. "Commenting about her legs just sthu she's snatched but you mad throwin' shade with your jelly rolls and cottage cheese!! " one fan wrote.

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Jaw-Dropping Bikini Abs

Carrie Underwood may face some jealous haters, but nobody was complaining as she welcomed summer with this gorgeous snapshot. "Is it summer yet?" she asked in May 2020 while smiling in a mismatched, floral bikini highlighting her rippling, six-pack abs.

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